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  1. Chris, If you have example text for main page - can you provide me it? How can I make 3 and 4 steps? I'm not good at scripting, you know) Konstantin
  2. Chris! You are abcolutely right - your explanation is what I really need! But in admin panel there is no Partners page... Can you suggest me how to make everythin working? Regards from Russia ;-)
  3. Thor84

    No manufacture inmage

    Any suggestions?
  4. Chris, I created partners.php file and put there TinyMCE code - so I can work with html in this file. BUT when user wants to see "Our partners" he transferd to partners.php and he is asked for password. If he is not admin he can only read, but at the bottom of these box there is a button "Save", and clicking on it you'll be redirect to tinyMCE site. If user is a admin - he can make correction on pages with TinyMCE. Just in case my web-site: www.motozap4asti.ru What is htpasswd/htaccess? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello everyone! I have a question: I installed TinyMCE, now I can edit text... BUT - how can I secure my correction. I mean when someone open page password from OSC admin panel apperars. When he click "Cancel" tinyMCE text appears and button "Save". What I should do in this case? I'm not experience in scripting... Please suggest!
  6. Several posts earlier I said that everything is OK! But now, when I added a new product such message appeared: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Unknown MySQL server host 'motor.mysql' (2) in /home/motor/motozap4asti.ru/docs/catalog/includes/functions/database.php on line 19 Unable to connect to database server! So I can't use my site(((( What's happened??? Please suggest! Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Thor84

    installing tinyMCE

    But I istalled Tiny according to instruction! How can I see Tiny MCE in OSC admin? Please suggest!
  8. Thanks a lot!!! It works!! and I can remove attributes!!!!
  9. Hello! I'm going to install tinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor... I made everything but there are n tinyMCE in Administration section of OsCommerce. How come? Please help me finish installation! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello everyone! I faced with next problem: When I'm adding a new attribures a error massage appears: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sprint_f() in /home/motor/motozap4asti.ru/docs/catalog/admin/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerPrompts.inc.php on line 132 What's this?? I not so experienced in php.. Please help!
  11. When I choose manufacture there is no image for it. But in OsCommerece Administration I uploaded images for manufactures. Please help!