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  1. jspice

    Master Products - MS2

    Can slaves have slaves? In other words, can I specify a small, green, widget. If so, this contribution will solve many of the problems I have been having with the standard release. Boy, I wish this would have been out a month earlier. I've whittled down my original 250 products down to under 100 using attributes, and had basically written off acurate model numbering and stock capabilities. Spice
  2. jspice

    Need Member Approval System for 2.2MS2

    Has anyone ever implemented a member approval system for the affiliate contribution? If so, care to share? Spice
  3. jspice

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    <-- There are updates that need to be made to the Easy Populate mod to get it to work with separate pricing. Look at the README file there. --> Where is there? Phesis? They get touchy if you are not a "loaded" user. I can attest that the manual attached to the contribution is inaccurate in this regard. The Contrib. section also offered no assistance. And a search in the forums resulted in 1600 results, none of which were remotely related. Any direction toward reconfiguring Easy Populate would be greatly appreciated. Spice