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  1. Can you tell me, if you know or have tested with Loaded Commerce 6.5.1a b2b? Seems like just what i want, but want to make sure it is compatible before breaking something. Thanks
  2. Because this seems to be dealing with Lev 1 NOT lev 2, That's my guess... My question has to do with Lev 1, I don't see how reading through 70 pages of Lev 2 posts will help me a lot? Am I missing something?
  3. I'm using the Lev 1 Google Check out and It has the Flat rate or Per Item Shipping... Is there a way I can Add more Options to the Flate Rate.. Like Flat Rate US, Flat Rate International, Flat Rate Next Day Ect? I tried to install Lev 2 in October or so and It never worked right so I forgot about it and Installed this Which seems to work Yesterday, but I'd like more Shipping options... OR Does Anyone know if the Lev 2 Work Better now? I don't know how it will work as I've already got some of the Orig Install inmy code, but If that will not break everything I'd give it a shot... Any one have any answers? Thanks
  4. Autographs

    Passing the fee charged by paypal back to the invoice...or something

    Or you just want this for your accounting? Sorry if I first misread your post... I was in a mood that I'm now out of! LOL... Sorry :rolleyes: But if you are doing this... Shame on you... :P
  5. Autographs

    Passing the fee charged by paypal back to the invoice...or something

    Why would you WANT to do this? this fee is "the cost of doing business" I just took an order for and my paypal fee was over $75!!! Yea it sucks but I price out my products to still make money with this fee, same as if I take a credit card or whatever I think If I were a customer of yours and saw that I had to Pay EXTRA to buy something from you, I'd move on and find it elsewhere, even if elsewhere it was more! Suck it up and pay it yourself, or charge more for the product, but don't let a customer see you doing this or you will loose MANY!
  6. Hello All, Been Reading through all the pages of fun and I saw where a few people said that this contib HURt them in the rankings... I installed it on a smaller site (which I always tend to do before trying something on my main site) to a) see if it's easy to install and B) see if I like it. If it's neither a or b I don't put it on the main site I run.. My question is... Is this really going to help me out in the rankings? I've been in business on line for 13 years, and had OSC going for a little over 3 now, I have 10,200 listings on google and 128,381 on Yahoo! with about 2,600 total products in my catalog. With what I have achieved should I screw with trying to make it better or leave things as they are and just "Keep on Truckin" I'd really value your input here, and if anyone talks to Chemo, Tell him THANKS for the GREAT work as always! I for one hope he one day comes back around.
  7. Autographs

    How to add sales tax.

    Hi Justin, Not that your wrong, but Here in Florida, Which is NOT California It's a little different and you may want to check to make sure before going to the trouble I'm in a county that has a 1% higher Tax Rate than many other countys (Thanks to Stadiums and things that us Tax payers pay for) In My Area the Rate is 7% most others are 6% We have only things that CAN happen. We sell out of state or Country NO SALES TAX If we sell anything in state it's SOLD in my county because I'm the one selling it So I have to collect MY County Sales Tax, even if I'm selling to another area with a lower or higher Tax. Let's say I sold something to a 6% county. I'm not sending that county that 6% for the sale. I'm sending my county my taxes collected. So As I said It may be Different there, but you may want to make sure Good Luck Greg
  8. Autographs

    Module For Manual Processing?

    Is there not a section in your admin/modules that reads Credit Cards? This will do just what you want. I'm pretty sure this is a standard included section It will mail you that you have an order, and will also let you also break up the card number. Is this not here on your install?
  9. Autographs

    Accepting Credit Card payments wtihout the middleman?

    The Credit Card Selection in Modules/Payments Will Already Store Cards OR you can have the card numbers split and half mailed to you. At Least in my ms2.2 version it does Just be sure to have a nice little secure admin area and you should be ok
  10. Autographs

    edgeoi feed error

    Hello! First of all The Creator of this Mod is the BEST! What a great and easy mod this is! I LOVE IT! Now I have a FEW Questions about this... 1) I wanted to put in an OS affiliate ref ID to track visits from this, but when I did that it did not give a feed, It only worked with out the ref=[iD] Any Ideas why, I'm not complaining having it with out, but would be great with! 2) I'd like to use this mod as it says, for other purposes that just edgeio, but since I have SO many products about 2,500 + I'd like to know if I can have the program break up my products in to the different catagories such as products from http://www.autographdealer.com/index.php?cPath=32 http://www.autographdealer.com/index.php?cPath=35 ect? We don't do sub cats so that should be easier I'd think? 3) also wondering if I could set this us to just Syndicate the most viewed or best sellers also? Ideally I'd like to offer about 10 feed options that would fit the Syndicates needs 4) is there a way that the Syndicates could insert their ref=ID into my feeds so that they could not only Syndicate but get paid for sales? Sorry I'm asking so many what I'm sure are stupid questions, but I'm VERY new to RSS and Need a good lesson :-" I guess lol Thanks in advance for your forthcoming help Greg
  11. Is there any mod that will pull items from our page and load them on someone elses page ? What I mean by this is. This place sells widgets We sell widget parts they don't Each of thier widgets has a list of keywords If any of their keywords pull a match on our page, items will pull and show on their page? I don't know if this is something that is already around, but if not, It's something that would be a Godsend for the affiliate program I can't have them hard code my widgets as most of my items are 1 of a kind and once they are sold they aren't in Inventory anylonger, so somekind of script that would look and pull items and put them on their page would be perfect. IF you know of something that already does this PLEASE LET ME KNOW, or if you have any idea of how one could get this to work also please let me know Thanks Greg
  12. Autographs

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Just wanted to say Thanks Calvin for the GREAT Mod. We all owe you a ton of thanks! I just finished reading all 45 pages and My Eyes feel like they are going to explode. Also wanted to say I just hope that CRAZY person than sent you all the e-mails doesn't know where you live ;) We all have your back. A few other comments.. I have been uploading to froogle for over a year now and noticed that I have to log in before I upload a feed, Do you have to do this with the AutoUpload? Also I was wondering if there were the files needed for shopping.php amazon.php ect or do we just need to hack around a little on the froogle.php files? Again Calvin THANK YOU!
  13. Autographs

    shopping.com exporter?

    Someone told me there was but after searching for shopping.com, shopping.com exporter and exporter I didn't see anything Anyone have an idea of where i can find this? if it is really here?
  14. Autographs


    My Affiliate program seems to be working fine, but for some reason now I can't bill out sales that have been made Any Clue Why? Here's where I'm at. I have Billed with Success 1 time. The Items I want to bill are older than the set 30 days. Also It charged Tax On the Item that I billed the first time and I can't have it doing this... Anyone HAve any Ideas? PLEASE HELP Thanks in advance greg
  15. Autographs


    Still wondering on this It's costing me an extra 7% on my payments to affiliates Does anyone have a clue? Here was the question.. sorry to post it again, but I thought there would be an answer by now? ---------- When I Process payment I have a Payment (excl) and PAyment Incl) One seems to add my State Sales Tax and the amount it wants me to send includes this tax, how can I turn this off? Or why is it doing this? Any Ideas? Thanks Greg