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    But, quite honestly .... a commercial themes developer would naturally say that .... hmmm? "Vested interest" springs to mind.
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    Hi everyone
    I'm starting to pull my hair out on this - it started in late September just after all the eBay sites went to no shipping insurance.
    When a customer completes their order after choosing the shipping insurance (contrib = http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1069) PayPal are either ignoring or stripping the insurance parameters passed through the API. The result is a payment received that is net of the insurance charge, but the customer's invoice shows both that insurance was chosen, and the correct rate for it. I've tried the patch in the contrib's read me, but that hasn't helped. I also tried the patch in another forum thread based off a different service's patch, and that didn't fix it either.
    I ran this contrib with the API module from nmid-2007 until September this year and it worked perfectly, like I say - it stopped working on my osC site right after eBay banned shipping insurance on theirs (eBay owns PayPal - for those that didn't know already ;) ). No code or contrib changes had been made on the site since around Easter. I'm convinced the issue has come from within PayPal, but so far, can't find anyone else reporting (or noticing) it happening on their sites.
    Has anyone else seen this happening?
    If so, has anyone cured it?