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  1. I am yet another very DISSATISFIED Template Monster customer. I am glad that I found this post before I purchased the template. I am only echoing what others have said here but want to confirm that NONE of these problems have been resolved to this day (JULY 7 2007) 1. Their oscommerce templates are OUTDATED. They only work with PHP4 and MySQL4 2. Their oscommerce sites are inflexible. If you are happy using their template just the way it is and change only the images then it is fine. If you want to re-add additional oscommerce features (that they remove from their template for reasons only they know), I would say it is going to be tough. 3. Their customer service is COLD at its best. They are a bunch of people that have absolutely no care for their customers. I have known other large companies with much better customer support. TM simply is behind on that front by miles and that, to me, is the deal breaker. Anyway, hope this helps others that are heading the TM way... Srini