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    My Name is Betty Rabia i was impressed when i saw your profile at oscommerce.com and l will like you to email me back to my in box so that i can send you my picture for you to know who i am .i belive we can establish a long lasting relationship with you.In addition,i will like you to reply me through my private email box (beti.rabiaa@hotmail.com) This is...

  2. Anyone have any information on that stuff above. Another thing. Can I just alter my existing php with just the BOF/EOF sections or is there something else I have to edit. The ones in the download look way different. And even with looking at them with winmerge it is hard for me to tell. I am not sure if I am reading the instructions right, and I dont want to mess anything up. Its the checkout_process and Checkout_shipping that i am not sure what to edit besides the BOF/EOF area. It mentions something about adding an array but to which one I dont know. I am using OSC 2.2 RC2a. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. I am wondering the same thing. I would like to find out before I install. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  4. CKENT00369

    Live chat

    hey I am trying to add this one and having some issues. What does your includes/boxes/livehelp.php along with your english file look like?
  5. CKENT00369

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Well I tried it. Its not working, I decided to take a shot at the code with the fancier invoice and its a no go. The box appears in the admin panel for Custom Computers but when I click on it, it redirects me to log in again and goes to the same place, no other options are available. next thing is my catalog is gone? Its blank I am going to revert I guess cause I cant tell where I went wrong. If someone can help out with this it will be appreciated. Once I get done I plan on putting out a complete OSC 2.2 RC2a with these contribs already installed. But I have to get it working first. If I knew where to start I would fix it but that is a whole butt load of files that were edited. So... the best option for me is to revert.
  6. CKENT00369

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    OK Since I cant seem to get help from the other contrib I am trying to install maybe someone can help me here. I have installed the fancier invoice & packing slip v6.1. I am trying to install the custom computer creator v9.3.1 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/407. Since the install of fancier invoice is so different. Can someone help me with what files to change where? Considering the changes that I made to fancier invoice noted above? I am limited on my php abilities but I can do some. I just dont want to mess up the fancier invoice thing. While I would like to have the custom computer thing going too. Like I said I can do some php but I think the changes involved in this are way over my head so any help will be appreciated.
  7. CKENT00369

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Is anyone supporting this contrib?
  8. CKENT00369

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    can anyone help me with this?
  9. Ok want to install this contrib, because I have a few other contribs added I was looking through the files to see what is going to miss. I can see two problems so far. I have the fancier Invoice & packing slip v6.1 installed. Everything looks like it will work(may be wrong) until I get to-- OPEN catalog/includes/classes/order.php. Mine is different thanks to the other contib, not a bad thing but would like to figure out where to put what. the instructions say and my order.php looks like this starting at line 281 $index = 0; $products = $cart->get_products(); for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($products); $i<$n; $i++) { $this->products[$index] = array('qty' => $products[$i]['quantity'], 'name' => $products[$i]['name'], 'model' => $products[$i]['model'], 'tax' => tep_get_tax_rate($products[$i]['tax_class_id'], $tax_address['entry_country_id'], $tax_address['entry_zone_id']), 'tax_description' => tep_get_tax_description($products[$i]['tax_class_id'], $tax_address['entry_country_id'], $tax_address['entry_zone_id']), 'price' => $products[$i]['price'], 'final_price' => $products[$i]['price'] + $cart->attributes_price($products[$i]['id']), 'weight' => $products[$i]['weight'], 'id' => $products[$i]['id']); if ($products[$i]['attributes']) { $subindex = 0; reset($products[$i]['attributes']); while (list($option, $value) = each($products[$i]['attributes'])) { $attributes_query = tep_db_query("select popt.products_options_name, poval.products_options_values_name, pa.options_values_price, pa.price_prefix from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS . " popt, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUES . " poval, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " pa where pa.products_id = '" . (int)$products[$i]['id'] . "' and pa.options_id = '" . (int)$option . "' and pa.options_id = popt.products_options_id and pa.options_values_id = '" . (int)$value . "' and pa.options_values_id = poval.products_options_values_id and popt.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "' and poval.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); $attributes = tep_db_fetch_array($attributes_query); $this->products[$index]['attributes'][$subindex] = array('option' => $attributes['products_options_name'], 'value' => $attributes['products_options_values_name'], 'option_id' => $option, 'value_id' => $value, 'prefix' => $attributes['price_prefix'], 'price' => $attributes['options_values_price']); $subindex++; } } $shown_price = $currencies->calculate_price($this->products[$index]['final_price'], $this->products[$index]['tax'], $this->products[$index]['qty']); $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; $products_tax = $this->products[$index]['tax']; $products_tax_description = $this->products[$index]['tax_description']; if (DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX == 'true') { $this->info['tax'] += $shown_price - ($shown_price / (($products_tax < 10) ? "1.0" . str_replace('.', '', $products_tax) : "1." . str_replace('.', '', $products_tax))); if (isset($this->info['tax_groups']["$products_tax_description"])) { $this->info['tax_groups']["$products_tax_description"] += $shown_price - ($shown_price / (($products_tax < 10) ? "1.0" . str_replace('.', '', $products_tax) : "1." . str_replace('.', '', $products_tax))); } else { $this->info['tax_groups']["$products_tax_description"] = $shown_price - ($shown_price / (($products_tax < 10) ? "1.0" . str_replace('.', '', $products_tax) : "1." . str_replace('.', '', $products_tax))); } } else { $this->info['tax'] += ($products_tax / 100) * $shown_price; if (isset($this->info['tax_groups']["$products_tax_description"])) { $this->info['tax_groups']["$products_tax_description"] += ($products_tax / 100) * $shown_price; } else { $this->info['tax_groups']["$products_tax_description"] = ($products_tax / 100) * $shown_price; } } $index++; } if (DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX == 'true') { $this->info['total'] = $this->info['subtotal'] + $this->info['shipping_cost']; } else { $this->info['total'] = $this->info['subtotal'] + $this->info['tax'] + $this->info['shipping_cost']; } } } ?> My next question, is there anything else I will need to adjust because of the other mod?
  10. CKENT00369

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    OK I went through all the files, a lot of the stuff is in different places but at least it is there. The only one that I can see that is completely different is the Catalog/Account_History_Info.php. Mine doesn't contain anything that the instructions say that it should because I have the fancier invoice and packing slip. If someone could help me with this one file and figuring it out I will be greatly appreciative. (Another thing is I actually had to mod the fancier invoice to work on my site. I copied some files from the admin side to the catalog side because emails were not working etc. I think it was because of permissions but I would rather not allow permissions to the admin side. But if I can figure this one file out then the rest shouldnt be a problem for me. )
  11. CKENT00369

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Another question is are there product dependencies... for example you cant select and intel motherboard when an AMD processor is selected etc.
  12. CKENT00369

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hey I would like to install this contrib on my site. The one thing is that I have installed the fancier invoice and packing slip v6.1. I know a lot of the files that this contrib needs to modify have already been modified by the fancier invoice like the first 4. So where it says to change something, it doesnt even exist. I tried a different version of some pc creator and talk about confusing.. I installed it like it said to a "T" but it didnt work. I like this one better anyway. if anyone has any info that would help with installing this on a site moded with the facier invoice it will be greatly appreciated.
  13. CKENT00369

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Ok I fixed this by copying the invoice.php language file from the admin/includes/languages/english folder over to the catalog/includes/languages/english folder, of course I changed the image path for the banner. then editing the filenames.php for order_invoice in the catalog/includes folder Add define('FILENAME_ORDERS_INVOICE', 'invoice.php'); and the order_email.php. I changed from this require(DIR_FS_ADMIN . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . "/". $language . "/" . FILENAME_ORDERS_INVOICE); to this require(DIR_FS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . "/". $language . "/" . FILENAME_ORDERS_INVOICE); Only way I could get it to work. here are my next questions. I have Check/money order payment option, I would like to include the "make check payable to" field appear on the invoices that are shipped out if this payment is selected. Is there an easy way to do this? As you can see I am a newbie (sorry for all the posts) Then next thing is I am hoping to install Discount Coupon Codes v3.3 contrib, I will have to change files in this contrib as well wont I?
  14. CKENT00369

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    The order emails are still like that though. Sorry to keep posting different posts but the forum wont let me edit?