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  1. I have installed the latest contribution GoogleBase V 2.5 and I seem to be getting an error when I log in to my Admin and click on tools then I click on googlebase and at the top of the page I get this; HEADING_TITLE HEADING_TITLE_AUTHOR TEXT_MISSING_VERSION_CHECKER HEADING_TITLE_SUPPORT_THREAD when I try to run the file it seems to creat the file fine, but when I try to upload it to gogglebase I get this error: Feed status summary for your-outfile.txt 0 of 897 items inserted - Processed on Jan 5, 2010 4:51 pm EST Detected encoding: windows-1252 Detected delimiter: Tab (\t) Detected file format: Text Item Errors - 897 items with errors 897 items affected 867 Missing required attribute: service type (867 errors) Please make sure you include all required attributes in your data feed. 30 Corrupted data feed line (30 errors) We were unable to match the attributes in your items to the attributes in the header row due to invalid encoding. Please verify all the characters are valid for your selected encoding. any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me Kelly
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a module or contribution that will help me achieve this? Thanks, Kelly
  3. Has anyone figured out how to install the contribution to make it work? Please can anyone help me!! Thank You Kelly
  4. I have all setup with that old contribution so when I try to buy 1.25 yards it still updates to just one yard , I have the auto update contribution can that be doing anything to it? I no longer have the update cart button, I'm just curious I would really love to get this to work Thanks again for all your help I can begin to thank you all enough Kelly
  5. I've tried that one and I guess it's too old cause in line 91 where it says to alter this line: $this->update_quantity($products_id, (int)$qty, $attributes); I don't have that line in my cart, although I do have this one: $this->contents[$products_id_string] = array('qty' => (int)$quantity); also you said they would have to be integer and the instructions say decimals, I will try it and it see what happens, Thank You so much for your response I really appreciate you writing me and try to help me Thanks, Kelly
  6. I've tried to install this module several times making sure I did everything right and it still doesn work has anyone had any luck with this, My boss is up my butt to get this working, we sell fabric and now he wants to sell 1/4 yards and 1/2 yards, so people can order and add a half yard to their total I've tried attributes but you select the attribute before adding the quantity and that causes the attribute to added more that once, I also have the auto update cart mod so you don't have to click on the update cart button anymore could that be a problem? seem I can setup my inventory ok, for example I have 7.50 and then when I login as a customer and try to buy say 1.25 ( 1 1/4 yard) to my cart it still only adds 1, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! Kelly
  7. Thank you for taking the time to help me I really appreciate it, I'm using UPS for shipping and what I've done is installed the free shipping module, and unchecked the ups ground so it doesn't show up in the shipping options when someone goes to check out, the problem is that when I get an international order they are able to use the free shipping, so is there another way to offer free UPS ground only in the US
  8. I got it !!!!! all you have to do if your having this problem is 1. If you are getting a "parse error" when you click edit in the admin OR your international options with checkboxes are not showing up in the admin, you may need to use phpMyAdmin to update the database -> configuration TABLE and CHANGE "set_function" to TEXT from VARCHAR. Afterwards: A. Remove the USPS module in the admin B. Re-install the USPS module in the admin C. The options will appear 2. Make sure you have set your store's country and postal code in admin -> Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging, as these are used in the rate quote request and if not valid will cause an error.
  9. I also just noticed that when I click on edit I'm not seeing any of the check boxes for the International shipping, this is a nightmare
  10. Thank you so much for your quick response but that didn't work I checked the whole file and it's still doing it
  11. I've done this before and had no problem but it seems now when I try to install this I get this error and I have no clue what to do can ayone please help me? Thank you for your time and consideration, Kelly I'm trying to install this on an Os commerce online Merchant v2.2 RC2 here is my error; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_GLOBAL, expecting ')' in /home/****/*/*/*/***/html/admin/modules.php(218) : eval()'d code on line 1 Thank you to all in advance for any help or direction with this
  12. I have installed the wish list add on I was curious can a link be placed somewhere in the box to take you to the entire list? As it is right now, you have to click on each product to see each one individually, just wonder if even the bold type at the top of the wish list box could be made into a link to take you to the entire wish list page, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you
  13. it says All Customers Report v2.0 at the top of the install txt file I followed all the instructions but I get this error 1120 - Cross dependency found in OUTER JOIN; examine your ON conditions anyone know how to fix this? Thank you for your time and consideration Kelly
  14. Thank you for you're response, yes I'm pretty sure I did
  15. when I use the manufactures box to select a manufacture I get this error; TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES' doesn't exist SELECT ai.medium_images, ai.images_description, ai.popup_images, p.products_image_med, p.products_image_description FROM TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES ai, products p WHERE ai.products_id=p.products_id and ai.products_id = '30' I have run the Additional Images Configuration Utility and it all shows green, does anyone know how to fix ? any help would be great Thanks to all in advance Kelly