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  1. You are right, it was some redirect issues in htaccess. Those are fixed now, but a very old software i use, the osCommerce Product Manager for Windows (oscpmwin by Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez) cannot connect now to the database via SSL ☹️
  2. When i first open the shop in a browser and type something in the search box and hit enter sometimes i am redirected to login and sometimes to index.php. Occasionally from search -> login, then on the login page if i type in the search box again something and hit enter then i am taken back to index.php. Meaning that i have to write the same thing 2 or 3 times in the search box till i get the search results. If i leave the shop open in a browser tab then this issue doesn't appear again all day. If i close it and after a while i open in again, then the same problem. I'm not sure, but it seems that this issue appeared just after i went full SSL with the webshop. I assume this can be very annoying for a customer who visits the shop for the first time. I also get reports from customers about rare, random session lost problems. But that issue i was able to reproduce just 1 time in weeks. I would appreciate if anybody could point me in the right direction, where to look.
  3. csaba

    SSL on every page.

    Thank you very much Chris for posting your solution to this, works well for me. I went full SSL on our shop and could not use anymore the osc Product Manager which i badly need (over 20000 products to manage...). However, I've deleted this part from the htaccess, i'm not sure for what is this for? RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^subdomain.mydomain.cl RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.mydomain.cl/$1 [R=301,L]
  4. I'm trying to install the [Add text box to checkout like comments] addon, but i cannot make it to keep whatever i write in the new text box. When i go from mywebpage//checkout_shipping.php to mywebpage/checkout_payment.php the text i wrote in the new box on the first page is lost and when i click further to mywebpage/checkout_confirmation.php instead of what i've wrote in the box it shows the number '1'. Please help!
  5. csaba

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    @dimitryous How did you solved the timestamp and the overbid amount problem?
  6. csaba

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Sorry, which code do you mean? I've tryed only this query in mysql. Is there anything else to change in one of the php files?
  7. csaba

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    I've tryed the code above this way: INSERT INTO `table_auction_bids` (`auctions_bids_id`, `auctions_id`, `customers_id`, `bid_price', `bid_status`, `bid_date_added`) VALUES (``,`$auction_id`,`$customers_id`,`$bid_price`, ``, now()); But the mysql gives an error: ERROR: Unclosed quote @ 182 Wheare is that unclosed quote?
  8. csaba

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Hi dimitryous, As i see on your test page you have a fix for the following problems? 2. Overbid Amount does not work. 3. Time when the Auction ends needs to be able to be set Date bid added to be shown in real time, not 0000-00-... It would be a real help for me if you could let me know how did you fixed the problem with Date bid added to be shown in real time.