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  1. This is the official topic for the combined package of Canada Post Automated Labels 2.0 and Canada Post Shipping Module 4.0 *Improvements* ------------------- - AJAX Label Generation - osCommerce Units in configuration (rather than with each individual product) - Both contributions now are connected to each other via VentureOne information This has been tested as much as I could. I will support this as well as I can however if I dont reply try sending me a PM or emailing me. Lets get some of you using this asap so we can be sure all the kinks are out. Download Here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5842 J
  2. insaini

    RCM MintChip Payment Module

    Hey everyone.. voting has opened up. If you have a moment I would definitely appreciate your votes! .. but take a look at the other projects if you like as well.. there are some good ones. But hey I wont mind if you dont vote for them either ;) Cheers
  3. insaini

    RCM MintChip Payment Module

    Hi everyone, its been quite a long time since ive logged into the forums.. I was an entrant in this years MintChipChallenge (http://www.mintchipchallenge.com) and I ended up creating a production ready payment module for this concept currency form. The module is available here.. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8512 and a screencast to my presentation can be viewed here.. while its not a live payment system.. I did enjoy writing it.. and wanted to give it back to the community. I hope they accept my submission! Cheers J
  4. insaini

    RCM MintChip Payment Module

    So the submission was accepted within the challenge. I honestly dont think I stand a chance of winning anything... but at the very least.. osCommerce will get some recognition out of it :) http://mintchipchallenge.com/submissions/9403-qrossfire-and-the-mintchip-oscommerce-plugin
  5. Hey everyone.. its been a while since ive logged into here.. seems as though some of you have some issues with my contribution.. i may be able to offer some help over the next few days.. and ill be uploading a new contribution package that fixes up the automated labels routines. I probably wont be uploading an upgrade doc.. just fixing the lines that have issues..
  6. Hi Guys.. its been a while since ive been here... I havent had time to work on this mod for quite some time..but my thanks go out to everyone who has provided support.. Yes the install file is missing some information when it comes to the cookie file.. it does need to be set correctly.. the mod has been locked down.. but im going to open it up right now.. so whoever knows whats missing and what needs to be updated in the install file.. if you have the time .. you are more than welcome to update the info and upload the changes.. J
  7. Sorry for the lack of support.. the module does need to be updated a little with some tweaks.. i havent had time . Thanks to natrium for helping out. J
  8. insaini

    Country-State Selector

    Stevel's code will work for the ajax version except for a minor change.. $zones_array = array(); $zones_array[] = array('id' => '', 'text' => 'Please select...'); $zones_query = tep_db_query("select zone_id, zone_name from " . TABLE_ZONES . " where zone_country_id = '" . (int)$country . "' order by zone_name"); if you dont see the difference.. the ..'array('id' => '',...);' stevel has a 0 for his code.. but for the ajax version should be an empty string '' i havent tried this but that should work.. its a one line addition to the functions/ajax.php file .. J
  9. insaini

    Country-State Selector

    Hey everyone, Id like to apologize for not providing support on the 1.5x versions.. They were modified by me but I just havent had time for the last few months to come in here help with with any problems.. A big thanks to Steve for helping as much as he does with your problems even though he doesnt use the version himself. If there are any big problems you can email me at webmaster AT insaini DOT com. Also for a bit of info.. The AJAX Functions file (catalog/includes/functions/ajax.php) has a function function ajax_get_zones_html($country, $default_zone = '', $ajax_output = true) { where $country is a country id, $default_zone is the zone id or state (string) .. and ajax_output either echo's the output directly or does a return the defaults should be noted.. at the top of for instance the create_account.php file you only need this require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'ajax.php'); if (isset($_POST['action']) && $_POST['action'] == 'getStates' && isset($_POST['country'])) { ajax_get_zones_html(tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['country'])); } else { some of you may have require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'ajax.php'); if (isset($_POST['action']) && $_POST['action'] == 'getStates' && isset($_POST['country'])) { ajax_get_zones_html(tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['country']), ''); } else { or require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'ajax.php'); if (isset($_POST['action']) && $_POST['action'] == 'getStates' && isset($_POST['country'])) { ajax_get_zones_html(tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['country']), true); } else { the latter will cause the '1' to show up.. (as true really represents a 1) .. so the default_zone is usually 1 .. best to remove both the extra parameters.. they are only needed on the first call (when the page loads) and have default values so you all should change the code to look like require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'ajax.php'); if (isset($_POST['action']) && $_POST['action'] == 'getStates' && isset($_POST['country'])) { ajax_get_zones_html(tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['country'])); } else { at the top of those files which require it.. i believe (create_account.php, address_book_process.php, etc..) ALSO if you look below the code shows the 'echo ajax_get_zones_html(....)' ajax function call.. here you can specifiy the default zone you want to show up (false for ajax output is necessary as we are not returning the output and not echoing directly) .. further down you will see how the country selector calls the javascript getStates method.. Your code should look like this.. if it doesnt.. you might be having problems.. overall the script works as it should.. however there is the one situation I think someone described.. that they want a list of the most common nations at the top .. this isnt in code.. best to see the ajax function and rework it as you need to.. if (ACCOUNT_STATE == 'true') { ?> <tr> <td class="main" width="25%"><?php echo ENTRY_STATE; ?></td> <td class="main"><div id="states"> <?php // +Country-State Selector echo ajax_get_zones_html($country,'',false); // -Country-State Selector ?> </div></td> </tr> <?php } ?> <tr> <td class="main" width="25%"><?php echo ENTRY_COUNTRY; ?></td> <?php // +Country-State Selector ?> <td class="main" colspan="3"><?php echo tep_get_country_list('country',$country,'class="formtextinput" onChange="getStates(this.value, \'states\');"') . ' ' . (tep_not_null(ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT) ? '<span class="inputRequirement">' . ENTRY_COUNTRY_TEXT . '</span>': ''); ?></td> <?php // -Country-State Selector ?> </tr>
  10. Im happy it worked out for you.. you can if you like (as i dont have much time anymore) .. make the changes repackage and upload the changes.. or you can email me the changes and I can do it when I have some time.. J
  11. yes the module will function without the shipping labels software.. it will store the package size, shipping method chosen, weight, and then ofcourse the cost of shipment.. J
  12. Hmm.. step 7 i believe is payment issue.. did you add a credit card to your canadapost sellOnline account? you have to store the alias to that card which is usually the first 4 digits followed by 8 asterisks and then the final 4 digits.. and of course the cvv from the back must also be stored in your shipping module configuration.. im assuming you did this and the payment proceeded.. but why you are getting an xml error.. that im not sure of.. do you know which line its happening on? sorry I dont check this that offen.. if you have a problem you can email directly at webmaster AT insaini DOT com. The total weight of the package is supposed to be retrieved from the stored shipping method chosen by the customer.. the value of the weight is stored and then parsed back by the shipping labels software when its time to print a label.. if it doesnt ship up thats because it wasnt stored correctly.. and if you are using my shipping module then it should be .. there might be another problem.. just have to debug it through.. J
  13. insaini

    Problem with Canada Post add on

    What do you mean it fails.. what happens when you add more than 2 items?
  14. Well basically I already have this implemented on my site.. rather than taking in $_GET['currency'] .. my languages class files has all the currencies linked to their languages.. thus for example for Canada. I can show a Canadian flag icon and a Quebec Provincial flag icon.. the user can choose either and get the respective language but at the same time maintain the canadian currency.. as well I have a US flag icon and EU flag icon .. both are english language but have different currencies.. USD and EUR .. currently I have all three currencies linked to one language directory English .. this is incorrect of course as there is US spelling and British/Candian spelling for certain words.. however these can be separated into different folders as well if wanted. Benefit.. well the benefit I would say the user only has to click one link.. the language link which will automatically select the appropriate currency. Another benefit is sitemaps.. Google Sitemap Generator will create links for not only the currency but also the language.. so if you have 2 currencies and 2 languages.. you will get 4 links generated for each page.. if you have 3 currencies and 3 languages that would be 9 links for each page.. ridiculous isnt it.. well with the changes i made you get rid of the currency input.. thus .. if you have three languages.. only 3 links generated.. even if they are all in english.. it would be the same as if you had three currencies and only 1 language.. still 3 links.. If anyone is interested I can provide the changes.. J
  15. if /mysite.com is your root path.. (where say your index.php file is) then no.. the setup would be /virtual/mysite.com /virtual/cp_cookies you can store the cp_cookies file anywhere.. as long as its a 777 access file.. you could also store it in your temp directory.. im not sure if it contains secure information.. it may .. but hopefully canadapost only keeps track of a session and doesnt store user credentials or anything else.. i cant say for sure.. and for cURL.. you 7.15 may work.. im using 7.18 and I know it doesnt work on 7.12 so not sure what version is required.. but i can tell you that OpenSSL and libSSH2 are mandatory libraries.. i see you have OpenSSL.. but you dont have libssh2 .. that is definitely required and you will have to install libssh2 and then rebuild php with libssh2 J
  16. I believe natriums original release had code for contracts.. I removed this actually I didnt expect anyone to need it.. clearly im mistaken ;) .. however I dont really have time to go in to look.. but the code is fairly easy to modify.. take a look at ship_canadapost_ajax.php (in my release) look for where payment processing is done.. you can add in the necessary contracts code stuff there.. you do not need to enter your credit card alias in the shipping module if you will use contract setup.. the contract code should also probably be added to the shipping module configuration so it can be retrieved from there.... ive basically tightly integrated the shipping module and shipping labels packages.. although the shipping module can function without the labels package.. it doesnt work the other way around.. for the labels package to work you need this specific shipping module.. J
  17. The Automated Labeles and Shipping Module combined package is basically the older 3.1 shipping module with dimensions support that has been enhanced to use the standard osc unit configuration as well as modified for integration with automated labels. I enhanced the Automated Labels code and added integration with the shipping module.. it does require some specific cURL and SSL libraries but this package is only required if you are looking at creating labels via your admin panel rather than directly with canada post web software. GST depends on your tax setup.. as long as your taxes are configured properly in osC then your shipping calculations will also calculate GST/HST/PST correctly as well. Fuel surcharge is taken care of via your sellOnline account located on Canada Post. J
  18. Hmm.. i have to make a couple shipments today.. i havent since last week.. they may have changed something so ill check and see my side..
  19. Yes.. I think I do mention that the cookie file has to be set correctly in the instructions.. if I dont then I do apologize .. you must create a directory just outside of your public www root folder called cp_cookies or whaever you like.. and place the correct path at this config setting.. its needed to store the cookie file between requests THe automated labels is loaded via a link on your order page.. so pull up the details of an order.. and the button should be at the bottom of the page SHIP For configuration of Automated Labels.. thats done via the shipping module
  20. Byron.. that is very interesting.. today is sunday and i created two labels just today that went through just fine.. why you are getting that error doesnt make sense to me.. but to begin with I need to verify your curl build .. can you go to admin->tools->server info and look up the curl build .. and post how its been built.. as for the $response variable.. this is maintained in the session between requests.. you can see where this is happening near the top of the file.. J
  21. Roy.. you will have to convert the English language files for ship_canadapost.php to french.. since I didnt provide the french language file.. its unable to locate it and thats why you are getting those errors...
  22. insaini

    Canada Post Shipping Module

    All these things above are required and you should check to make sure everything has also been properly configured in the modules administration section in admin..
  23. Ahh ok.. makes sense.. but then i guess thats where the tradeoff is.. to make use of automated labels.. you are passing security information to canadapost servers where you have your creditcard information stored.. but even still.. the problem is when you login into canadapost shipping label application.. its done over https .. not http .. it wont work with http calls.. only https .. so you will definitely need SSL. How much difference is there in an SSL hosting plan.. thats kinda weird.. who are you hosting with? .. im with godaddy but an SSL certificate costs $20 and you can use with i think any plan.. although im on a virtual dedicated server.. not a shared plan and no one recommends their shared plans.. J
  24. THe redirect will require a rewrite of the code somewhat to be secure.. if you use a redirect to someone else's server where curl has libssh2 built.. then your redirect will be unsecured.. you will be transmitting your login / pass over http to the redirecting server before it is transmitted over https to canadapost.. if someone intercepts that transmission.. they will have the username and password for your canadapost account.. gaining access to your credit card information.. another question is.. why dont you have an SSL hosting plan? are you running oscommerce without ssl?
  25. There is no adding libssh2 .. curl has to be recompiled with libssh2 .. only your host can do that for you.. if they are unwilling.. I would suggest finding another host.. unfortunately .. for SSL authentication.. libssh2 is mandatory.. no way around it apparently.. Jesse