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  1. I would like to use this and have the usps access. But I'm getting the famous "can't calculate shipping message". I'm in the USVI and most of my customers will be out of the us. Can someone shed some light? Thanks
  2. This is about the best checkout add-on I have seen to date. This is great work and hope to see it get better. One thing I would like to see but haven't to date is the mandatory "post code/zip code" that does not apply for some countries has never been addressed. I wish it could be turned on or off depending on what country you chose for shipping.
  3. Thanks for your contribution. I just downloaded this version "simple_checkout_v3.02 (1)_1" and I'm getting the "The page isn't redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete." error. Can someone please point me to what I missed? I have read almost the entire thread all 16 pages. Please help! Thanks
  4. I replaced the $ and made another change. I realized that the path for the root file has "catalog" as the root but my site uses the real root. so i changed it to reflect and my first error went away. But now i still get the "could not open XML input" error. Can i create a blank file and put it in the folder? Should it be an xml file? Can i get a sample file to put in? I would like to get this thing to work.
  5. The file I made the change in is the one in the catalog/includes/function/ folder. And I get the error when I run the contrib_tracker.php in catalog/ folder. Also there is no file in the rsscache folder.
  6. I am now getting this error "could not open XML input" after I removed the $ in front of "$sTxtfile" on line 23. I think I saw someone with this error before but I can not find it. And how it was fixed. :blush:
  7. Ok I did not copy over the .DS_Store files because have a contribution that use the same files. Do I need to merge the two files?
  8. I have the same problem here lilidog :'( Is there a fix?
  9. I have the same problem as lilidog :'( Did you get it fixed lildog?
  10. What I mean is to separate the credit card part so you can use another merchant like “merchantinc” and change the button link to a paypal pay button for people with paypal accounts. I don’t mind paying for a taylored version for me. I think it’s a great mod. I have spent quite a bit of money on stocks already and want to get my site fully functional.
  11. Can this be configured to be a standalone with the same features except for the api and such?
  12. I did the setup got my sandbox account and had been testing for the past week. I today decided to go live and attempted to fill out the application. I got to the second page after having my account upgraded to business and getting a test charge to my c-card. Then the notice showed up "no service for paypal pro in the Virgin Islands or us territory". Gave them a call and they claim that the system is new and they do not cover my area yet. I'm still crying. :angry:
  13. I got the cURL thing but it looks a bit complicated. My store is new and not in service anyway so I will give it a try live. My site is hosted at bluehost, don't know if they use proxy server. I will check and see if I get the error.
  14. Ok I got it. I'm testing in my home environment using xampp and I can't get away from the cURL error message when click the paypal button. What do I put in for the cURL in the admin setup? I did send you that contribution. Nice work! Thanks