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  1. haggisuk99

    Greenmania template released

    Hi, very nice template. The specials page however is not converted to the same uniform template as you have. Could you please let me have the correct code for this page so that it will look the same as the rest of the site. thanks
  2. haggisuk99

    Enable/Disable categories contribution

    Hi, I am very interested in this mod but cannot get it to work with my sql5 and 2.2 rc1 default install. the catagories will vanish but then when you renable them they wont link to the actual catagories. is it possible for some kind person who is good at coding to look at this much needed mod and get it to work on a vanilla 2.2 rc1 install please and then package a complete file and manual editing post so that i can then futher mod the site i am working on thanks in advance