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  2. I'm not an expert in sql but I every time I link two or more files together I use a keyword such (as join or left join) check some of the other programs that link files together for examples. Is this (onLoad) case sensitive? I noticed in the original code it's lower case. I don't know if these will solve your problems, but it should be a beginning.
  3. Thanks Rob, I appreciate the compliment. You could pm me the snippets of code you are talking about. I'll take a look at it. Something I meant to suggest if you haven't done it, is: In Configuration - Maximum Value - Specials Products; you can set the value to a higher number so that you can view more products in Specials Maintenance. Be careful as this also affects the store side in the amount of specials that will appear. Mine is set to 30 which in my case works for both the administration and store sides.
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    How To Make Contributions

    Thanks for the quick reply Jack. I'm doing some clean up work on it and I will be submitting it hopefully next week.
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    How To Make Contributions

    I have a contribution that I would to like to upload to the addon's. I know where to upload them but cannot find any information on how to restrict public additions to the addon once I have submitted it. I plan to maintain the contribution but do not want the headache that seems to develop on many of the contributions where after a period of time you have so many versions by various people that you have multiple questions and confusion as to which is the good one to download and use. I have spent many hours going over some of these contributions that are in the situation as described above. I would like to save people the time and headaches involved. If anyone can tell how or direct me to someone who would know how to do this (No public uploads allowed to addons) I would appreciate it.
  6. Hi, Gary Kerry from Danville, CA. I'm trying to get my site up and running. I've been looking for a mod to handle the separate county, city taxes in CA. Your mod looks very promising. I'm new to PHP so I'm not use to coding in it yet, but I do have a question. There are 10 different tax zones all toll in CA, if you include those counties, cities (CC for short) that doesn't have a CC tax. Would it be easier if in sql you made 10 CC_tax_zones each with it own CC_tax_zone_id and CC_tax_zone_rate then with each CC in your table you could link the CC_tax_zone_id with it? Then whenever CC tax rates change and we know they will, you would only have to update your county, city link to your CC_tax_zone_id making updating your sql perhaps a little easier. This is just a thought and I'm in noway putting down your mod. I plan to use it, and hopefully as I get to understand PHP I will start programming myself a little and be of some real help. Thanks for the mod and I'll let you know how it goes.