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  1. Interesting. When I checked the shipping costs on the FedEx website and it was not this way.
  2. I am experiencing a different problem but I will tell you what I know: International shipping with Fedex Ground is limited to Canada and Puerto Rico. Perhaps that is your problem with it. In my installation, I am returning the 3 of the 4 international fedex options but 2 of them appear to have their prices switched. Example of an order shipping to Canada: As you can see, the prices for Economy and Priority seem to be switched. Ground Service is working correctly. The array numbers all match up to the contribution download...anyone else having similar issues?
  3. This seems to be an issue for me, as well. I mostly sell to US residents from the US but occasionally someone will want to order from the UK, Europe or Asia. Some of these countries don't have state/province or postal code. Any thoughts on this? I've had a difficult time finding any information about this on the forums. Thanks for your help!
  4. gsbe

    Problem with international shipping

    How do you get around required fields for shipping address in countries that do not have these fields? I'm referring to zip/postal code and state/province in particular. Thanks in advance for your help! Linking me to a thread with an answer would be great.
  5. gsbe

    Help to test the USPS Shipping module

    Call USPS Webtools folks and verify that you account is still on their production server.
  6. gsbe

    Help to test the USPS Shipping module

    I got this contribution to work and it had everything to do with the USPS Webtools people, nothing to do with the code. After calling USPS Webtools twice I was able to get them to really move my account to the production server. As soon as this happened, the shipping module started to work. No changes were necessary on my end. The reason that I posted a link to the bug reports page was that it provided more info about this issue. Specifically, I recall that the posts there are about having to move your account to the production server, not needing a password anymore (USPS doesn't issue one and you don't need one) and I think that there may have been an 800 number in there that I had not found elsewhere. This phone number that I used to reach the USPS folks and successfully have my account changed is 800-344-7779. Best of luck.
  7. gsbe

    FedEx Direct 2.04 error ?

    DOH - I had the dash in my account number. Reducing it to a 9-digit account number solved my issue and got this shipping module up working.
  8. gsbe

    FedEx Direct 2.04 error ?

    Exact same problem here. Ideas? What step did I miss?
  9. gsbe

    Help to test the USPS Shipping module

    There is quite a bit of information in the osCommerce Bug Reports area about this: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/bugs,2797
  10. gsbe

    Help to test the USPS Shipping module

    After installing this contribution the shipping module outputs the following during checkout: An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. The module asks for a USPS Password but the USPS specifically said that they are not using passwords anymore. I received this email from USPS Web Tools (minus the userID) when I applied for a new USPS Web Tools account: What should I put in the password field? Do I have to move my account to the production server with USPS before this shipping module will work correctly? This post suggests that may be the case: http://creloaded.com/Forums/viewtopic/p=23820.html Thanks for your help!
  11. I am looking for a good auto-thumbnail generator and thought that this one might be a good one to try. These two most recent concerns about spaces in the filename and using the STS product_info page are not good. Can anyone provide any insight into these issues? I'm hesitant to use the contribution until these issues are addressed. I would have a tough time explaining these problems to clients.
  12. gsbe

    Browse by Categories

    If you don't understand the code from the contribution perhaps you should just find someone that does and have them make this modification. It wouldn't be that big of a hack so it shouldn't cost too much. Sometimes figuring out how PHP works to make modifications to osC is too much for your business model! :sweating: The good news is that this mod can be accomplished and shouldn't take too much time for a competent programmer, especially one that has osC experience. Find one that has used the Browse by Categories Contribution and it probably wouldn't take an hour to accomplish. My $.02 or .03.
  13. gsbe

    Horrible, horrible Payflow Link problem. Help!

    Wow, this is a serious problem with the VeriSign payment module. For some reason it kicked in today for me. I don't know why it would work correctly until today but I lost a few orders and got some mean phone calls because of it. Thanks for the quick fix.
  14. gsbe

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Where can we find these feeds? Do they work with this contribution?
  15. Definitely looking forward to this. Thanks for adding to osCommerce's functionality! If anyone has additional data feeds that are working with this contribution please post the file so that we can see how a customized feed is created besides the included Froogle feed. Cheers!