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  1. Perfect Jim. I can now place the gif wherever. This was the first main change I want to do to revamp my site. I want to change boxes, add curves maybe to them etc. Thanks again. Regards Tony Brown
  2. Just picked up this thread Jim. Will try it out. Good to see there are people like you around willing to take the time and trouble to help others. Will sort this out today. Many thanks once again. Regards Tony Brown
  3. Hello Jim Inserting this code did place the gif correctly, but unfortunately my header repeated itself at 10% intervals as well. So this did not work for me, but again thanks for taking the time to help me. Regards Tony Brown CODE <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%" align="right"><img src="/templates/Option1/images/earth.gif" alt=" " border="0"></td> <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%"> </td> <td width="10%"> </td>
  4. Thanks a lot again Jim. Appreciate your help. Regards Tony Bronw
  5. Thanks very much Jim One further question regarding the actual position of the gif, if you have the time. Can I place the gif at a specific point, or will it have to go to the far right of the webpage. You can see my header here, My actual header/logo is 780x100, sized to show on all screens I think, and I want to place the gif to the right hand side of the 780x100 header, ie the r/h side of the gif to correspond to the end of the blue line in my header. Hope I have explained this correctly. Thanks very much for your help. Regards Tony Brown
  6. Hello - can anyone help a novice please? I want to add an animated gif to my header. I have found out I can't add the animated gif to my header in PSP, and then upload the complete header to my site, (I have tried this and the animation does not work - unless I am doing something wrong). So I have uploaded my header without the gif, but I am unsure how to complete this task and add the animated gif so that it works. Do I use the <img src="gif_file_name"> and insert this into my public/templates/option1/header.php file? Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance. Regards Tony Brown
  7. Thanks for your help Jim. I appreciate it! Regards Tony Brown
  8. I have just tried your tip, but the url info listed only shows the following location: There is nothing else listed. If you have the time, do you have any other suggestions please? Regards Tony Brown
  9. Hello everyone - Can anyone help a rookie please? I had a replacement header added to my site when it was first set up for me some time ago. I now want to change this header. I found the original header gif in my cpanel-public html-images-logo file, and uploaded my new header gif to cpanel-public html-images-logo, using the same name as the original header, to over-ride the old gif. I can preview my new header in my cpanel logo file, but the old gif header is still showing on my website. I guess there is an old header gif in another file, that I also need to over-ride with the new header gif, but I don't know where to find it. Can anyone tell me where I will find the original header that is uploaded to my site please - I seem to have been looking forever? Thanks in advance. Regards Tony Brown
  10. thanks for the information
  11. Hello everyone - can anyone help a rookie????? I would like to replace the default buttons with buttons from a oscommerce button generator. I have downloaded the new buttons to my pc, but I don't know how to proceed to upload them to my cpanel and to my site. Can anyone tell me where I can print out the proper preceedure to complete this operation? Thanks. Regards Tony Brown
  12. Hello - I am an osCommerce newbie. There are 1000's of template sellers out there, and I have checked out many of them. I am now lost where to go from here, ie who to trust with my money. I have found one site in the UK, ie Has anyone had any dealings with this Company? Are they good? Do they do work on time? Have they got good support? Are they trustworthy? I would appreciate anyones's comments. Thanks. Tony Brown
  13. Thanks very much for your suggestion. I will check it out. Tony Brown
  14. Thanks very much for your suggestion. I will check it out. Tony Brown