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    Hi, Firstly I just wanted to say GREAT CONTRIB and GREAT DOCO, keep up the good work, but then want to also ask... Has there been any progress on getting the contrib working with PayPal IPN v2.2? It's been a while since that contrib has been out but there still doesn't seem to be any info posted about getting the two contribs working together. The only issue I've got is where to add the following line: $order_total_modules->apply_credit();// CCGV presumably this should go just before $parameters['num_cart_items'] = $item; but could you please clarify. Thanks, Nick
  2. NickSh

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I've done some more digging at it seems I was off on a wrong tangent. I was looking at the wrong doco in my previous post before. The doco I should have been looking at was https://www.paypal.com/en_US/pdf/PP_Website...rationGuide.pdf as this is post doco. I've had a look at this and cannot find a way to properly pass across the customer's telephone number and i would really like to do this so that the customer doesn't need to fill it out on PayPal. For some reason PayPal forces the customer to put in there number even when you specify in the PayPal preferences that you don't want to make it mandatory. Also, i've had a look at some of the other variables being passed across by the module and it seems that there are still discrepancies between the standards outlined by PayPal in the doco above and what the module actually passes across. For example the cmd variable should have _xclick rather than _ext-enter according to the doco. There also doesn't seem to be a variable called bn accepted by PayPal, so not really sure the point of passing it across. Terra, can you go through the module and make it compliant with the latest version of the Website Payments Standard doco? Cheers, Nick
  3. NickSh

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi guys, I just recently started using this IPN module v2.2 and its pretty damn good, but i've found a few issues with it, so though i'd report them here. One rather big problem seems to be the fact that the variables posted by the module don't comply with PayPal IPN standard variables that are now used by PayPal. Even though the module still works it would be a good idea to ensure the variables compy with what PayPal expects. In particular the module posts a variable H_PhoneNumber, but PayPal is unable to pick this up and map into the phone field because it actually expects contact_phone. As per PayPal's doco https://www.paypalobjects.com/WEBSCR-475-20...rationGuide.pdf other variables relating to address and so on are also not correct. I've made some fixes in my version of the code for the phone number to be passed correctly, but I hope you can review the variables in the module to align them with current paypal standards. Thanks, Nick