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  1. ashras99

    Style not able to apply in the table row

    I am PM you full page code for you to check, because page is not online yet.. this is customized template in which only this thing is not working
  2. ashras99

    Style not able to apply in the table row

    can you show the page code, that you have used like define of class and all.. like to see what can be the problem?
  3. ashras99

    Style not able to apply in the table row

    There is no problem with the class because using this class at other places without any problem and when i removed the '.$breadcrumb->trail(' » ').' from the below line and add a simple text then that is working. <tr><td height=10 class=sc1><img src=images/m27.gif width=4 height=7> '.$breadcrumb->trail(' » ').'</td></tr>
  4. ashras99

    Style not able to apply in the table row

    any suggestion from the experts?
  5. ashras99

    Add Prices fields in product info

    thanks but this will work, if special prices are set otherwise not. But i am looking to show list price, retail price fields when adding a product.
  6. I added the following code in the includes > modules > product_listing.php if ($listing_split->number_of_rows > 0) { $rows = 0; $column = 0; echo ' <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0> <tr><td><img src=images/m29.gif width=490 height=43></td></tr> <tr><td height=10></td></tr> <tr><td height=10 class=sc1><img src=images/m27.gif width=4 height=7> '.$breadcrumb->trail(' » ').'</td></tr> <tr><td height=10></td></tr> <tr><td class=bg1> <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0> <tr> '; This is working absolutely fine but the problem is style class is not able to apply on the '.$breadcrumb->trail(' » ').' , so on white background, text is also coming white. I tried just giving text color to this table row. But that also not works. Please suggest, how can i fix this within this file.
  7. Please tell me there is any mod, which add the feature for prices like amazon. List Price: Our Price: You Save: I think there is one mod like this but not able to search in contributions. So, anyone can provide the link?
  8. ashras99

    Fixed price for specific item

    Anyone help the newbies here?
  9. installed a Payment2currency module in my MS2.2 and when i access the Payment module and click on the Edit button then get a following error... Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_draw_mselect_menu() in /home/xyz/public_domain/admin/modules.php on line 720 Please tell me what i do to solve this problem. Is this module is not supported by MS2.2 or something else... i also run the SQL query. Module link is here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,payment/page,2
  10. Is there any mod which allow me to fix price in INR for specific item but for other items controlled through exchange rate. My default currency is USD and using MS2.2 .
  11. ashras99

    Type of Pay Pal account

    Is this possble to process amount using 2 different accounts like for credit card (business account) and for direct paypal transfers (personal account). So, can save some amount in transaction charges. Is that possible, any mod or anything available?
  12. As you all know paypal charge some transaction amount in Premier/Business accounts and no charges in Personal account (except payment through credit card). I have 2 paypal accounts, Personal and Business. I like to know is that possible that add Business Paypal ID if processing credit cards and add another Personal ID if payment through paypal account. So, can save transaction charges if transferring through paypal. For this we required another paypal module like file and work for Credit Card...(but actually doing the same thing as paypal module doing) so is there any mod or way of doing? Hope i able to explain myself.
  13. ashras99

    Purchase Without Account

    anyone of you able to solve this problem...? Please respond.
  14. ashras99

    Problem in Ask a question Module

    This is my categories.php