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  1. chrisbarbers

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I have exported and imported the same file in easypopulate, with fields added and deleted manually or simply changing a single field or multiple fields many many times, I have not had one hitch, the tool works perfectly in my experience, my only issue is the one about four fields not three but that was an easy fix which is well documented here. The latest version works really well with osCMax RC3, it is one of the reasons I upgraded, although I am about to move away from osCMax due to some unresolved issues.
  2. chrisbarbers

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I had a problem with it stripping the first character off my Titles and the " off the end when I had things like 18" at the end of a description, the fix is to process this data in Excel first, I found if I used concatenate to add """" to the beginning and end of my Titles or descriptions it would then display the title as "Long Lead 18"" I then copy and pasted the valeus only into the correct column and it would import fine.
  3. chrisbarbers

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi Surfalot, I am using an out of the box osCMax v2.0 and I have no idea why the SPPC in that has 4 fields and the others only 3, I took your new release, changed the same section to the 4 data fields again and now eveything including the status is working fine, this is one hell of a contribution, I guess if anyone else wants to use 2.76f with osCMax they can decide whether to use the 4 data fields or not, but I am just greatful that everything I need is working great. thanks for keeping it going.
  4. chrisbarbers

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    OK, I found my problem, partly my fault, created because I was having issues downloading files, so although I am using osCMax I upgraded easypopulate to surfalots latest offering, it's what I had managed to get working on my oscommerce site but never really needed to use it. Anyway to the solution, the problem is not the extra , at all, the db is expecting 4 fields of data, so I went back to look at the code for the 2.76d and sure enough there are 4 lines of code for each SSPC, so I have pasted below the section how it does need to be, which should be used instead of surfalots previous post, surfalot, this code fixes the problem and just needs replacing in 2.76f, for some reason the line got lost between 2.76d and 2.76e. Bottom line, it works for me, no errors, I have the contrib I want as I like the table section of 2.76e, it works with osCMax v2.0 and I am now a very happy bunny. Here's the code for anyone that needs it. // for the separate prices per customer module $ll=1; if (isset($v_customer_price_1)){ if (($v_customer_group_id_1 == '') AND ($v_customer_price_1 != '')) { echo "<font color=red>ERROR - v_customer_group_id and v_customer_price must occur in pairs</font>"; die(); } // they spec'd some prices, so clear all existing entries $result = tep_db_query(' DELETE FROM '.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS.' WHERE products_id = ' . $v_products_id ); // and insert the new record if ($v_customer_price_1 != ''){ $result = tep_db_query(' INSERT INTO '.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS.' VALUES ( ' . $v_customer_group_id_1 . ', ' . $v_customer_price_1 . ', ' . $v_products_id . ', ' . $v_products_price .' )' ); } if ($v_customer_price_2 != ''){ $result = tep_db_query(' INSERT INTO '.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS.' VALUES ( ' . $v_customer_group_id_2 . ', ' . $v_customer_price_2 . ', ' . $v_products_id . ', ' . $v_products_price . ' )' ); } if ($v_customer_price_3 != ''){ $result = tep_db_query(' INSERT INTO '.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS.' VALUES ( ' . $v_customer_group_id_3 . ', ' . $v_customer_price_3 . ', ' . $v_products_id . ', ' . $v_products_price . ' )' ); } if ($v_customer_price_4 != ''){ $result = tep_db_query(' INSERT INTO '.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS.' VALUES ( ' . $v_customer_group_id_4 . ', ' . $v_customer_price_4 . ', ' . $v_products_id . ', ' . $v_products_price . ' )' ); } } // end: separate prices per customer (SPPC) module Now if anyone has a fix for the Active/Inactive switch I would love to get that, but for now I'll just remove the products I want inactive from the upload file and add them as they go live. Cheers Chris
  5. chrisbarbers

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Robert that is the problem that I get, it won't insert these into the products_groups, I tried everything, I removed the comma, I moved it to a different place etc etc etc. all with differing results, except 1, they still don't insert :D I was hoping surfalot would check in, but it has only been a few days since he checked in last, I'm sure he will be on soon. Thanks for trying.
  6. chrisbarbers

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Thanks Robert972 but I played and played with these sections and just got a varying array of errors, none ever fixed it...
  7. chrisbarbers

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi Surfalot, firstly can I say thanks for a great contribution, I have osCMax V2 and updated the included version to EP 2.76e, as I was having some trouble with the included version, it works great, I can export and import no poroblems, everything is as expected. The one area I still have a problem with is the support for SPPC, in your release info you said you had fixed a problem with this, but in the config file is states that is untested and may not work, now I can download with the SPPC support switched on no problems, I get the fields and values I expect, but when I upload the product uploads fine, but the Customers_Groups_Price is blank and the following error displays "1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 8 INSERT INTO products_groups VALUES ( 1, 6.99, 655, ) [TEP STOP]" Now I am really new to PHP but played with quite a few contribs on my MS2 store before it was moved to osCMax, I think I can see what the problem is, i.e. ( 1, 6.99, 655, ) should actually be ( 1, 6.99, 655 ) the extra comma suggests it is looking for a 4th value that doesn't exist, but I can't identify where this can be fixed, I am hoping you or anyone reading this will have an idea how I can fix the code to make this feature work, I am about to bring a new supplier online who carries in excess of 7000 products and I would really like to do the work through EP, obviously what I think it is could be complete rubbish, and it's not the extra , at all :D Any help greatfully recieved.
  8. chrisbarbers

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Hi guys, I installed this contrib and it looked to be working great, then I edited some products and it stopped working for those products yet others still worked great, any ideas why? I have tried the Ultimate SEO URLs but this gives me a critical error. Any and all info/help greatly appreciated.
  9. chrisbarbers

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Hi guys, I am looking for some help, I have installed this contrib on my 2.2 version of OSC which is running a couple of mods already, this looked relatively painless and I have checked the changes, the only bit I am not sure about is the .htaccess file and the directory, the structure on my site is /public_html/catalogue/etc. In the instructions it says to replace 'directory' with the actual directory, I have tried several conbinations, I am not sure if any are right, but my problem is I get the following error message when I now go to the admin page... Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_catalog_href_link() in /home/xfurryf/public_html/catalogue/admin/index.php on line 101 Is this to do with the .htaccess change as the contrib doesn't call for changes to index.php? Please help if you can or it is back to my backup tomorrow :-( Thanks Chris
  10. chrisbarbers

    HELP My defined TEXT isn't working?

    Ah, OK, I though I was being clever calling it categories2.php to test it , now I have renamed it to categories.php it works fine. Thanks Anyway
  11. Hi, I have searched for the answer but I am obviously not asking the search engine the right thing as I get way too many results, I tried going through them but after 6-7 pages I gave up and tried searching again, and again, and again. I am sure I have made a classic school boy error but I just can't see it. I have followed the instructions for 'Adding_Product_Fields', I entered them into the db, I have added them to the categories.php, following the instructions to the letter, or atleast that's what I have checked and double checked, so it all seems to work and it's all good, except that on the add products screen the field titles don't display correctly, instead of Product Supplier etc. I am getting TEXT_PRODUCT_SUPPLIER. I have defined them in admin\includes\languagues\english\catgeories.php as per the instructions, I also defined them in catalogue\includes\languages\english\product_info.php as per the instructions but this didn't make it work, nor did it seem the right place for them, so I have removed them from there again. Any ideas?, obviously I can live without it being right for data entry but I would really like to understand what I missed or did wrong and fix it purely for cosmetics and to avoid a repeat when installing other contributions, incidentally I do have one of the 'attributes' contributions installed also (which works perfectly), not sure if that matters. Thanks in advance for any advice and support.