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  1. No reply so far looks like their is no support available for this contribution :angry:
  2. I searched every where to find out regarding Turbocash OSC plugin. I can login to my OSC Shop but when I Click in OSC Import tab Order new/ Changed I get the error window saying " Invalid field type. <?xml version=@1.0" encoding=UTF-8 satndalone=yes?> <fiels attrname="product_id" fieldtype="i4" readonly="true" SUBTYPE="Autoinc'/> and so on it shows my sql window with errors. How to fix the same. Thanks
  3. jaysin

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I am trying to use the cron job as per the details in read me file but get this error in my email /bin/sh: 0: command not found This is the command I set up Cron <mystore@server5> 0 4 * * 3 /usr/bin/php -q /home/mystore/public_html/admin/froogle.php and instead of sending feed every day how do I setup so it only send the feed once per month or 30 days.
  4. Hi Did you find any solution for downloads under safe mode = "on" from redirect via pub directory
  5. Hi It's working know the error was at manager versign website in configuration. during test mode the cvs and avs was set to high which were causing problems. Thanks for the great contribution. :twisted:
  6. I have installed the payflow link contribution developed by rdavido. Every thing works fine but when customer is ready to checkout, Versign give the message I also see an error message below left side in my browser saying their is an error on line 67 on cc_via_verisign.php the line 67 is } Could you please point me where am I doing wrong and why I be getting decline message from verisign. I am using your contribution with (MS1)
  7. This will show cart in header with product image for MS2 very simple to add.
  8. download here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1350
  9. I was wondering for all those who sell items which are downloads files, as if you zip it and password protect it. If yes then how some one get the password for different items. Is their a way that cart will send the password for that perticular downloaded product. :roll:
  10. check for spaces befor and after the fields 'products_attributes_weight' and if any try delete the white space.
  11. Hi are you using the same on MS1 or some older snap shot. 1054 - Unknown column 'products_attributes_weight' in 'field list' I guess you need to create a table in products_attributes and call the same products_attributes_weight.
  12. This is a great PHP based image viewer script. I have not done or made this This script can download for free from http://cendtonio.free.fr. I am trying to add this to oscommerce so when we click popup image(Click to enlarge) This will pull the image from the Database and show the product which can be zoomed. This has ability to show the alternate view of image. If added to oscommerce it can be very use full. A sample of the same is included in this file. Just unzip this folder in your webroot then call for http://www.your-website.com/test.php This still is a beta release as I am still working on the same. My knowledge of PHP is not good. If some one can find a way to configure this with oScommerce please don't forget to post the codes back as contribution.
  13. Hey strange more then 40 people have seen this but no one posted any thing about above this. Here is the sample for you to view http://inmylist.com/test.php I thought this is a great script, if some how we able to add this to osCommerce. To view the sample click http://inmylist.com/test.php and then click launch zoom. Remember it may take little time loading the image depending your connection as its a big image. And please post here what you think.
  14. In addition to this problem... I'm finding that if I switch off the contribution (have triple checked that if / else statements are programmed right) I'm unable to add anything to the shopping cart... Anyone come across this also? Actually... if I could get it working alright, I would have no need to switch it off... so the priority is to get it working... Thanks, Tony Hi I tried the same and found that I can add the items to wishlist but then my in cart button stoped working as cart shows to be empty. Spended lots of hours and finally have to uninstall every thing. I guess this is not compatable with MS1. Its application top which is changed and is not working with wishlist, once I changed my application top to the old one my cart started working fine.
  15. Just a quick update what I did and I am trying. To configure you must give your image name with complete path, Which can be defined at test.php Test.php calls your html file or php file which ever you want . I tried creatating an html file with just one link which just pop up the image. Then I called test.php file at products_info.php which showsd the same link on products_info.php. In folder imagemap I created application_top.php which call configure.php and then placed the link of application.php on each of the files in image map.
  16. You can download from http://www.inmylist.com/image_zoom.zip
  17. How is the test of 5.04 come out and is that available for download yet :P
  18. You can use ian's load 5 already have lots of contribution added in it or I guess Ajeh is also going to release one soon with lots of contributions with in it or MS1. It all depends what you need.
  19. Hi, Would you please post the codes for additional_discription which are in their twice as I am unable to find the same :oops:
  20. I don't know if the same happened to you as It happened to me. When I used this contribution, after a few days, I got message of expired sessions from mysql when I checked and tried to brows or repaire SQL gave me message of Unknown table. I had the backup so then I recreated table session it started working fine for me. Hope this will help.
  21. try recreating session tables in Mysql Easy way by using phpMyadmin