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    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Hi all, I want to ask how can i add word in Title of product_info page in USU5 ??? e.g: Seagate Expansion Backup 1TB (before) Sale Seagate Expansion Backup 1TB (after) in which part should i add code?? thanks before..
  2. feversam

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Can I change Send HTML Email contribution with Ultimate HTML Email contribution? If yes, how do I intergrate with this Order Editor? thanks
  3. Hi all, Is anyone willing to share infobox template design? cause i'm boring with mine... :D thanks b4
  4. Hi, I just install "FCK editor for email order text" but I have a problem. In Order Email, there is un use white space(blank space) For example: Hi World... <br> How Are You Today? And the result is: Hi World How Are You Today?
  5. feversam

    multiple page

    I'm serching for code create multiple page in customer_testimonials.php ! Actual code create a single page for all testimonials and if is > of 1000 you have a loading time problems !