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  1. I am looking to adjust my oscommerce shopping cart V 2.3.1 to change currency automatically when visitor view based on currency, such as if visitors/customer from USA currency show by USD if open from UK currency show GBP. Please, can any developer / anyone help me, I am not coder.
  2. MRCO-Egypt

    Problems with new 2checkout payment site

    I have the same problem after 2 weeks of correct it, Please, anyone can help me
  3. MRCO-Egypt

    Problems with new 2checkout payment site

    Hi Harald, Please, I download new payment folder and upload files but when checkout confirmation error in line 101, I think in total order and not forward to payment page, do you have another solution to solve that issue, also what about that solution: This contribution logs the order, products ordered and order total in three holding tables triggered at the checkout_confirmation.php page before the customer is passed to the payment processor. The process is seamless and doesn't interfere with the regular checkout process. Access to the order information in the holding tables is through phpMyAdmin (or your db tool of choice) at this time. Install is very easy. Create 3 new tables (table defs provided), add Defines to app_top, and short code insert into checkout_confirmation.php. Looking for your reply ASAP, Thanks
  4. MRCO-Egypt

    Problems with new 2checkout payment site

    Hi Harald, Since a couple of days ago, 2checkout released its new payment site. I have been a user of oscommerce and 2checkout for almos a year from now. I havent had any problems since they released their new payment site. Now everytime a clients purchses something, my oscommerce doesnt updates with the sale. Please can you tell me what to do? Before when a client bought a service, i could see it on my oscommerce platform, but not anymore. Please help me solve this issue ASAP.
  5. MRCO-Egypt

    Problems with new 2checkout payment site

    Please, do you have private e-mail to contact you to check my problem as a part of your support us.
  6. MRCO-Egypt

    Problems with new 2checkout payment site

    Sorry for bold font, but i need solve ASAP, can you guide me or let me how? Thanks for your support us.
  7. MRCO-Egypt

    Problems with new 2checkout payment site

    Hi Monica, Please, explain step y step what we can do for that problems all of oscommerce shopping cart have that problem. Best Regards, Mohammed F. Reiad, Bazaar in Egypt