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  1. There is this CKFinder plugin. https://ckeditor.com/ckfinder/ Hope someone can incorporate it into the module. 😊
  2. I am running Phoenix. To center the navbar, I simply add mr-auto and ml-auto to the ul class as follows: <ul class="navbar-nav mr-auto ml-auto">
  3. Add role="button" after href="#" will make the click to do nothing.
  4. Hi @Kevin.Dallas, I am not using any credit coupon system. Sorry as I am not able to advise you on this.
  5. I made some changes to the file tpl_cm_i_card_products.php: This flip-flops the two images for every product when the user mouseover and mouseout over the images. Tested on Phoenix
  6. Use this native javascript: <a href="#"> <img src="images/apple-1.jpg" onmouseover="this.src='images/lemon-1.jpg'" onmouseout="this.src='images/apple-1.jpg'" /> </a>
  7. Apparently the attributes strings are not generated in any sequence. Nevertheless, both products are identified by the same id=32. If your intention is to use this id number to check the status of the products, then try this to capture only the id and ignore the attributes:
  8. The product need not necessarily be a special offer. It can be any product. Today you decide to deactivate the product because you do not plan to sell it anymore. It may just happen that it is already placed in the shopping carts of a number of customers. So how do you deal with this situation? I would think you should apologize to keep the customers happy. This method of handling is practised in Amazon and Taobao and the accident happen s all the time.
  9. For specials, there is an auto-expire function built in the application_top.php. So, if you have set an expiry date for the special offers, there is no worry.😄
  10. @YePix, Just curious, Isn't this handled by the specials.php in admin?
  11. At times, it is best not to annoy a customer. I do come across customers who are picky and easily annoyed.
  12. I did this to the cm_sc_product_listing.php:
  13. If a customer has checked out and has paid for an item that is no longer available, it would be too late. Late sale or refund will be unnecessary hassle.🤔
  14. Nice catch. However, removing the product from the basket abruptly without first informing the customer may be a little rude, don't you think so? The right approach should be to check the basket for any item that is no longer available, then "grey-out" the item in the cart listing, and then provide a little note saying the item is no longer available and has been removed from the basket. I believe this method is more graceful. Just my thought and I am hoping some good programmer will write the code. 😊
  15. Hi @puggybelle There is an extensive discussion here. The conclusion sounds like Google Recaptcha-2 is the most effective captcha to stop those fake accounts. Give that a try! Cheers!
  16. I think limiting the length of names is not going to do much in stopping people from creating fake accounts. These people will still hack the system with short names. Best is install captchas.
  17. Hi @Kevin.Dallas, I work around this issue by encapsulating the class with: This works for me but I am not sure it is the right thing to do. I hope @frankl will throw us some light. This RMA add-on is one of the most useful apps I have ever seen. Thanks to @frankl!
  18. kgtee

    Filter By Product system

    There were some discussions on how the present product attributes system can be revamped. I am hoping to see it develop further to a system where attributes can be used for the filter purpose. Meanwhile, I think the alternative one can look at is to have a product tagging system whereby the tags on each product can be used as filters. Tags generally have no values, so no computation is needed. They are only used for grouping. It should be less complicated than the current product attributes system. In addition to the current filter by price, model or manufacturer, we can have additional filter by tags in the product listing module. An example:
  19. kgtee

    Google Bot reports and User Friendliness

    @Demitry has an interesting link at his signature https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&amp;geo=US&amp;q=oscommerce I understand there is always a "check version" on the admin dashboard. I am sure people use that multiple times and everytime they are probably disappointed seeing the slow pace of development or the difficulty of changing what is existing. They will either stop there and stay put with what they already have or they switch to another e-commerce software. Once switched, they are likely gone for a long long time. ☹️
  20. I believe it is intentional to ensure customers spear ahead to checkout and not to be distracted by other things. 😀
  21. Yes, I think that way too. A club version, a community version, and a public version do make a lot of difference.🤔
  22. kgtee

    admin orders onclick change

    Are you missing a "submit" button or an onclick () function?
  23. Personally, I think it is possible to migrate your entire old website to the new Phoenix shop. E.g. 1) the old introduction page can go into the index page 2) the side contents can move to the navigation bar which currently you are not utilizing. 3) contact us, about us, can go to the footer The Phoenix framework is exactly what you are looking for! Try explore further.