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  1. Wal

    Hi KG

    Just installed the files for your Categories Navbar Module on my Phoenix V1.0.5.0 trial site but can't see how it's enabled.

    It doesn't appear in the navbar by default and it doesn't seem to be anywhere in Admin that I can find.

    Where am I going wrong ??

    cheers Nev

    1. kgtee


      You should be able to install and activate the module in the navbar modules group in admin.

      If you still cannot do it, the do a check on the folders where you have uploaded the files. Make sure the files are uploaded to the correct folders.

    2. Wal


      Thanks KG - tried re-installing files yesterday but didn't change the outcome, so will try a different tack today.

      I usually find it's operator error 😀 so won't be surprised to see it working as it should - after all, there are only 3 files in 2 locations - how hard can it be !

      Will post here when I've tried again..

      cheers Nev

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