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  1. The problem only comes with the new Text class in
  2. Hi @Fredi, I would think TinyMCE will have the same issue because Text::prepare would also sanitize the text input from TinyMCE
  3. I temporarily change Text::prepare function to the older tep_db_prepare_input but this cannot avoid changing the core file.
  4. I am using Ckeditor4 on Phoenix on the admin side. Now with the new Text class which sanitizes all text inputs before saving them into the database, HTML texts which are supposed to be saved by the editor are greatly affected. For example, HTML tags such as <H1> and <div> are sanitized and converted to _H1_ and _div_ and then saved. May I know if there is a way to avoid sanitizing HTML text inputs?
  5. kgtee

    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    @piernas Thanks for the update. We need more apps like this one, both admin and shop sides, to improve user experience 😄
  6. kgtee

    Quick Product Updates for osc 2.3+

    I was playing with this quick_update, and found the above line ($current_category_id = 0) did not yield the desired filter result. Apparently the cPath was not calculated correctly due to Phoenix new code I add these lines (in bold) instead at around line no. 247, and it now works:
  7. In admin/categories.php, you will find this line: $products_date_available = (date('Y-m-d') < $products_date_available) ? $products_date_available : 'null'; Perhaps you can comment out this line and see what the behaviour is.
  8. You should have the field products_date_available set to NULL instead of NOT NULL
  9. kgtee

    Shopping cart without stock control

    There is a payment module called "Check/Money Order" that accepts any order and then will not ship until the payment is received. You probably can make a copy of this module and re-write it to suit your need.
  10. I feel development of Phoenix is moving in the right direction, this includes smart design for mobile devices and a new core for easy app integration. However the pace of development will be quicker if it is open to all. When more people are involved in the process of developing, learning, testing and feedbacks in a freer environment, the wonder will happen just like the case of Linux in the 70's. As far as fund is concerned, it will flow in automatically after people (yes, lots of people, even it means a small fraction of it) has implemented them successfully and find the product good and meet their expectation.
  11. According to the API documentation, we can make the datepicker script correspond to the region: $( selector ).datepicker( $.datepicker.regional[ "<?php echo JQUERY_DATEPICKER_I18N_CODE ?>" ] );
  12. @Fredi The datepicker is a jsscript like the one below which I found in categories.php, <script> updateGross(); $('#products_date_available').datepicker({ dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd' }); </script> I change "yy-mm-dd" to "dd-mm-yy" and I get exactly the output I want. Is this what you should do with your code?
  13. kgtee

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    @amaische I used this wishlist navbar module https://apps.oscommerce.com/cl8JP&amp;wishlist-module-for-modular-navigation-b which is different from yours. This module has the MODULE_NAVBAR_WISH_LIST_HAST_CONTENTS. However, your error "Uncaught Error: Call to a member function count_contents() on null" is more difficult to solve. It can be due to an error (typo?) in the wishlist class. Perhaps you want to check the class functions therein more thoroughly.
  14. kgtee

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    The function call has been converted to a session call. You should have this in the template file:
  15. kgtee

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    @amaische If the error is correctly " Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a undefined function count_contents() " , then it is likely you have not uploaded the wishlist class file in the " includes/classes " folder.