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  1. kgtee

    Sometimes the option value is missing

    id of products with attributes are represented in the format product_id{option1_id}value1_id{option2_id}value2_id... and so on. The add on may not have handled this format properly. You may want to check the code in there.
  2. kgtee

    Email problems

    According to W3SCHOOLS php mail tutorial, there are two must have headers: Could this be the cause?
  3. Wow! This add-on is excellent! It is an eye opener for a learner like me. Thanks!
  4. I just tried placing two orders; one below $20 and another greater than $20. Yes, it is fixed. Great job! @burt
  5. @fridgebox You have a good point. I actually make the customer stay at the cart until the quantities are correct. The continue to checkout shipping is a default behaviour of OSC, I did not change it.
  6. I too have items that say you must buy between x and y quantities. I have to insert MOQ and max in the quantity input fields. I don't see anyway I can do without hacking. I am sure @burt is not restricting anybody from hacking. He ever mentioned that this is the beauty of openness of OSC codes.
  7. Ah, I hacked the code to force a redirect back to cart with a gentle reminder.😏
  8. Do you mean spam emails? Emails are managed by your email server and have nothing to do with OSC.
  9. I have just tested the contact us form on your website. I was rejected from submission on second attempt. That shows that the honeypot is working. Or it could be your action recorder blocking? I am not very sure.
  10. Well done Zahid! I am now using a custom built ckeditor.js which includes support for Bootstrap Tabs and iframes. These two features are really good for generating nice product descriptions.
  11. kgtee


    Ckeditor should be a better choice as it supports bootstrap tabs editing.
  12. When the shop allows free shipping above certain order value, the question asking customer to select a shipping method still crops up during checkout. This happens when there are more than one shipping modules installed. This question is redundant and should be able to be eliminated by rewriting the program logic.
  13. kgtee

    Fake accounts

    Some people say the slider captcha is not in compliant with the ADA regulations. So you may want to use it with care, 😄 but who is going to protect the site owner anyway😉
  14. Glad that I found you. I use this add-on to show the sub-total price of selected options. On a mobile screen, the options dollar values always get hidden due to the small screen. Now the customer knows how much options are selected.
  15. kgtee

    Fake accounts

    Here is a more interesting read which gives high review of "slide-to-submit" captcha. https://uxmovement.com/forms/captchas-vs-spambots-why-the-slider-captcha-wins/