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  1. kgtee

    PC Pro Creator question

    I was curious to know what the PC Pro Creater can do. So, I went on to convert it to work on Phoenix To my disappointment it is not really a useful app for me. Since I have done the conversion, anyone interested may have a look and try it. pc-pro-creator-phoenix_1061.zip
  2. kgtee

    Initial Configuration

    😁The app does not need you to understand the PHP code. All you need to do is to log into the Admin page and look for the app which you have installed and start using it to set the discount code.
  3. kgtee


    Demo sites: https://template.me.uk/
  4. kgtee


    @dculley 😀what you did is not quite correct. What @ecartz has shown you should be done this way as an example: Change it to: You should replace the entire string " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . ", Including the two double quotes.
  5. Well done! @Demitry Thank you for a very useful add-on. Although there are some issues on missing language definitions, I have managed to sort them out. Thanks again. Edit comment: It would be nice to have a pop up thank you message upon submitting the feedback. Would you add this extra in the future update? 😁
  6. kgtee

    Serve images in next-gen formats

    Thanks! This works and it is wonderful to see the website browsing speed increase several folds. Webp format is definitely the way to go for websites laden with high res images.
  7. Hello Zahid, I hope you are well. You have been a generous contributor. I believe many people miss you.


  8. kgtee

    Mail Manager for OSC v2.3

    There is an error on line 34: Should not this variable be "$attributes_values"?
  9. I am not able to update the quantities of some products, particularly those which do not have attributes, in the shopping cart. Anyone experience the same?
  10. @milerwan The list view is a useful feature for shops that have a long list of products. I am sure some shops look forward to having this feature. I would love to see if you could make it into a module, alternative to the existing product_listing module for Phoenix. Cheers!
  11. You should change the spacer_string, for example:
  12. This happens only when you add a product with attributes into the shopping cart. I noticed that the attribute check has been removed in Reinstating this check will solve the problem.
  13. @Demitry Sorry I was wrong to say forms could have different names and values. Rather, a form can have more than one form submit button. By using different names and values the submit buttons can share some if not all of the form GET or POST values. Each button will then be able to perform onclick functions differently.