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  1. kgtee

    Product Quantity Box

    Thanks. I moved the codes to the file cm_pi_quantity.php and declare $cart as a global variable. It works now. In the template file quantity.php, I added this to the end of the button:
  2. kgtee

    reCAPTCHA addon recommendation

    http://kthornbloom.com/slidetosubmit/ The slide to submit captcha is simple as it does not pose any challenge to the customer. Can this one be added tp CE?
  3. kgtee

    Product Quantity Box

    Hello @Jack_mcs, this pointer of yours reminds of a website which offers a "tick" sign (or character) trailing the add-to-cart button whenever the product on the product info page has already been added in the shopping cart. This saves the customer the extra effort of clicking on the Add-to-Cart button again when returning to the same product info page. So, I tried to add an echo statement behind the button as shown below: if ($cart->in_cart($product_info['products_id'])) { echo MODULE_CONTENT_PI_QUANTITY_TEXT_ALREADY_IN_CART; } The above codes do not seem to work. I am not a programmer and am not able to figure out why. Could you please help? Thank you very much in advance.
  4. kgtee

    Easier Attributes

    That works! Thx!
  5. kgtee

    Easier Attributes

    My bad....please ignore my second question above.
  6. kgtee

    Easier Attributes

    I downloaded the add-on package, iInstalled it, and got the attributes working. Excellent work! 1) The attributes do not accept zero price. Is there a way to make it accept? 2) In catalog/includes/modules folder, I got these 3 files but they seem to be unfinished work. How is it so? easier_attributes_options easier_attributes_values easier_attributes_settings KG Tee