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  1. It would be nice if the appmarket can be designed to be like Google Playstore where there are reviews and stars below the app title and description.
  2. This certification/review system is best handled by the admin and presented in the App market. It will help many OsC users to get onboard and hence indirectly widen the users base of OsCommerce.
  3. My shopping cart.php is different from yours and looks neater: You may want to try this version and see if it works.
  4. kgtee

    Import CSV?

    The model id/sku is related to a specific product id and a specific table. Assuming that you have the CSV file prepared in the correct format readable by MySQL, then you may use phpmyadmin to import the CSV file. For your case the process is UPDATE rather than INSERT. Stackoverflow
  5. kgtee

    Debugging Confirm Order button

    The right place to debug is the server console. If you have cpanel access, you can look at the web server errors log.
  6. kgtee

    CE Sub categories

    This topic was discussed before. Click here
  7. kgtee

    Products Image Verify

    If you also try this alternative admin module, missing images
  8. kgtee

    review , no email

    You can insert a sendmail command line in the file products_review_write.php as follows: With this mod, you will be notified of any successful review submission by email.
  9. kgtee

    shipping cost values

    Your input has a typo error: 1,80 vs 1.80
  10. Oops! My bad, I did not know that the carousell window is a fixed width and displayed items are repeated to fill the windows. May be some logic need be added such that when the number of displayed items is below that can be accommodated in the window, then carousell should not operate.
  11. @ce7 You may use SELECT DISTINCT in the mysql query instead of just SELECT. https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_distinct.asp
  12. Much like Google Play Store, the rating of apps is a good idea. App reviews will be even better as they give people the confidence of using the apps.
  13. My first thought will be to create a new zone for those postal codes, and then exclude them from the shipping zones as allowed by the shipping modules. When checking out, the customer will be alerted no shipping is available. I have not tried this myself. It is just a thought.😁