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  1. jaybee1960

    how to install templates

    It really annoys me when I see so many asking for free templates, then somedbody asks what to do with it. Seriously, MOST (but not all ) so called free templates are full of code that most people can not change, so you have either wasted your time getting this "free" template, or you have to pay somebody to help sort it out - in which case its not free at all. The best thing you can really do is study the contents of the "How do I " pages in the forum and build your own templates
  2. I have both Paypal and Google checout installed in my store Paypal will calculate VAT at 17.5% UK Rate Google does not calculate or charge VAT How can I fix this in Google I am finding this module to be a total pain !
  3. I am haveing serious problems with Google checkout The details below are what I have it set to - I have changed my email address and merchant ID to demonstrate the problem Any help would be most welcome GoogleCheckout Google Checkout Module Version v1.4.5_CCS Enable GoogleCheckout Module True Select Mode of Operation https://checkout.google.com/ Production Merchant ID enquiries@mydomain.com Production Merchant Key 123456789101112 Sandbox Merchant ID Sandbox Merchant Key .htaccess Basic Authentication Mode False Select Merchant Calculation Mode of Operation http Disable Google Checkout for Virtual Goods? False Allow US PO BOX shipping? False Default Values for Real Time Shipping Rates GoogleCheckout Carrier Calculated Shipping False Carrier Calculater Shipping Configuration fedexGrounddomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, fedexHome Deliverydomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, fedexExpress Saverdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, fedex2Daydomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, fedexStandard Overnightdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, fedexPriority Overnightdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, fedexFirst Overnightdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, upsGrounddomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, ups3 Day Selectdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, ups2nd Day Airdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, upsNext Day Air Saverdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, upsNext Day Airdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, upsNext Day Air Early AMdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, uspsMedia Maildomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, uspsParcel Postdomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, uspsExpress Maildomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0 Rounding Policy Mode HALF_EVEN Rounding Policy Rule PER_LINE Cart Expiration Time (Minutes) NONE Also send notifications with OSC True Google Analytics Id NONE 3rd Party Tracking NONE Google Checkout restricted product categories Continue shopping URL. checkout_success.php Sort order of display. 0
  4. jaybee1960

    how to use template in os commerce?

    In all honesty, its never a good idea to use templates they cause so many problems Unless you have had the template specifically designed try asking the designer for help, otherwise use the help features on this site. If you really must install a template, make sure that it is compatible with the version of osc that you are using
  5. jaybee1960

    Emails not coming through

    You are using the address of sales@wgc.co.uk This domain name has recently been registered and does not show any webpage - just a holding page Are you sure you have got your email set up with your webhost and that you have actually created email addresses and set them up on your computer? I would say that is where your problem lies It may be a good idea, as I previously suggested, to test this out with another email address - apart from your domain one
  6. jaybee1960

    Emails not coming through

    You can always try another email address in the sendto field This will confirm if the problem lies with easyspace or not ( Which i very much doubt )
  7. jaybee1960

    Tons of Free Templates

    This guy should be BANNED from the forum
  8. jaybee1960

    Shipping table error

    Your a star mate ! Thanks for your help
  9. jaybee1960

    Shipping table error

    I have installed the shipping table based on weight - I am in the UK My table is such 00:0.0,2:1.50,5:2.50,10:5.00,15:7.50,20:10.00,25:20.00,49:25.00 I have attempted to buy a product at zero weight and the system wants to charge £2.50 postage Any ideas whats wrong ?
  10. jaybee1960

    Complex Shipping - Can this be done ?

    Lol, many thanks I feel such a thickie right now It is obvious when you give it some thought Thank you for your help
  11. I have a table rate payment system that is based on total spend - This is working no problem I also have a range of products that I need to sell from my store that can not be posted, but are for collection only Obviously I do not charge postage on this My question, how can i reflect this range of products so that customer is not charged any postage This one product ranges from £30 ($60) up to £130 ($260) in price Thank you for any help you can give