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    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I noticed in the lastest releases of this module (, the file /includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php contains a few bits of code that appear to be a workaround. They are after the variable: $cart_PayPal_IPN_ID gets set in the function confirmation() (near the bottom). One was an attempt to set a session variable, another was the same but for a global variable. While both are syntactically correct, neither need to be set since the variable is declared as a global at the beginning of the function. If anyone is having trouble with the $_POST['invoice'] var not being sent to paypal, check your checkout_confirmation.php file and make sure the confirmation() call is being made before the process_button() call. Otherwise the variable wont get set for the process_button call that sends the data to paypal. Hope this helps someone. Regards, Tim Gall