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  1. DavidRad

    UPS XML 1.3.3 Problem

    I had the same error and my solution was that I had no shipping methods disallowed. One needs to be set.
  2. When items are added to your cart and try to "Remove" or change "Qty." it takes repeated and fast clicks for the changes to be made. This problem has been asked before though I never found a solution. Thanks!
  3. Permissions are set at 777 and *.xml files reside where they belong in myroot_where_catalog_resides. I've tried using the sitemap.class_Alternate.php file and even changing the "define('DIR_FS_CATALOG'..." setting in /includes/configure.php without happiness. When run the index.php file with the default sitemap.class.php file I get not found errors: Warning: fopen(/public_html/myroot_where_catalog_resides/sitemapproducts.xml) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/****/public_html/myroot_where_catalog_resides/googlesitemap/sitemap.class.php on line 291 ERROR: Google Product Sitemap Generation FAILED! and when running the sitemap.class_Alternate.php file I get permissions errors: Warning: fopen(/sitemapproducts.xml) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/****/public_html/myroot_where_catalog_resides/googlesitemap/sitemap.class.php on line 300 ERROR: Google Product Sitemap Generation FAILED! Any possible solutions would be much appreciated! Thanks, David
  4. DavidRad

    Export EP errors

    Thanks. That did it!
  5. DavidRad

    Export EP errors

    Thanks!! I'll check it out.
  6. DavidRad

    Export EP errors

    Easy Populate 2.76d-MS2 Working flawlessly until this morning and now I'm getting the below error, which brings up blank page: [Wed Oct 24 08:08:07 2007] [error] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_get_sub_categories() in /usr/home/mhr/www/admin/easypopulate276d.php on line 1180 // build filters $sql_filter = ''; if (!empty($_GET['epcust_category_filter'])) { $sub_categories = array(); $categories_query_addition = 'ptoc.categories_id = ' . (int)$_GET['epcust_category_filter'] . ''; ### LINE 1180 --> ### tep_get_sub_categories($sub_categories, $_GET['epcust_category_filter']); foreach ($sub_categories AS $ckey => $category ) { $categories_query_addition .= ' or ptoc.categories_id = ' . (int)$category . ''; I'm no php wiz so hope this is a simple problem of declaring this function, or something that a nob could understand. Thanks
  7. DavidRad

    Existing Store with many mods

    So, for a more trouble-free install: 1. Install default osCommerce 2. Install Multi-Shop over #1 3. Install addt'l Multi-Shops in their own user (FreeBSD) accounts? <-- this is where I get stuck. I presently have the default osCommerce with Multi-Shop installed over it, as per installation instructions. I then added an addt'l shop which will/supposed to live in its own user directory (not underneath, i.e. http://www.Shop1.com (usr/home/shop1), http://www.Shop2.com (usr/home/shop2), etc.) Does Shop2 represent an addt'l Multi-Shop install over another default osCommerce install or by itself via another Multi-Shop install? Sorry for the convoluted explanation.
  8. Hello all! Thanks for a great contribution. Some clarifications please: I have an existing site with many modifications. Is there a way to install Multi-Stores without disruptig existing site? Would altering (via diff) the existing site files with those of the new multi-store files be the only way to implement? Would that include making changes to existing site's database via update.sql? Any direction would be much appreciated to divert a disaster. Thanks again!
  9. DavidRad

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I had a similiar problem and ended up tracing the error to the includes/functions/cache.php and the reference to the old categories.php file which needed to be corrected to the new dm_categories.php file: //// //! Cache the categories box // Cache the categories box function tep_cache_categories_box($auto_expire = false, $refresh = false) { global $cPath, $language, $languages_id, $tree, $cPath_array, $categories_string, $boxContent, $box_base_name; if (($refresh == true) || !read_cache($cache_output, 'categories_box-' . str_replace ( '/', '-', bts_select('boxes', $box_base_name)) . '-' . $language . '.cache' . $cPath, $auto_expire)) { ob_start(); include(bts_select(boxes_original, [b]'dm_categories.php'[/b])); $cache_output = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); write_cache($cache_output, 'categories_box-' . str_replace ( '/', '-', bts_select('boxes', $box_base_name)) . '-' . $language . '.cache' . $cPath); } return $cache_output; }
  10. DavidRad

    Empty Delimiter Error?

    BTW, there is aslo another error that gets printed to the page when importing: "No products_model field in record. This line was not imported." Although there is a products_model field. Thanks again.
  11. After searching forums all I found were not related to my problem: Why, if easypopulate.php is entact would I start recieving the errors below when trying to import a tab delimited file? Notes: SWhen I try to export the tab dilimted file, there are NO tab spaces between fields. Also, if I configure easy populate to use ";" OR "," as a delimter it seems to work OK. This was working fine before. I ried to retrace anything that I might have done to muck this up though to no avail. PHP Warning: explode() [<a href='function.explode'>function.explode</a>]: Empty delimiter. in /usr/home/mysite/admin/easypopulate.php on line 1293 PHP Warning: array_walk() [<a href='function.array-walk'>function.array-walk</a>]: The argument should be an array in /usr/home/mysite/admin/easypopulate.php on lie 2265 Here's the code: ######### on line 1293: ########### // blow it into an array, splitting on the tabs $items = explode($separator, $item1); ######## on line 2265: ########## } else { // this record was missing the product_model array_walk($items, 'print_el'); echo "<p class=smallText>" . NO_NEW_PRODUCT_EP . "<br />"; echo "<br />"; Thanks for your help!