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  1. valguss

    Google Checkout problems

    This sounds like you have put the include code before the ending form tag. At the moment you are submitting the cart for an update.
  2. valguss

    HSBC XML API Support Thread

    azer -> this module is currently only geared for HSBC UK taking pounds sterling, but i don't see any reason why you couldn't modify it to work in Hong Kong Beta -> you'll be glad to know that we are currently trying to update the module to include 3D secure for mastercard and visa. Check back soon for the new version
  3. valguss

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Scratch that - i've just had a tinker and have made an importing script - i've made it available on the contribution page
  4. valguss

    PHPList integration to OsCommerce

    Hi There - i've just installed this contributuion and it seems to be working great- thanks However, becasue i've installed it late on, i have many customers in the database who aren't added to phpList. Has anyone worked on a script to import all these users? Cheers
  5. hi there. Just had tyhe same problem and solved it! at about line 190 of checkout_payment.php there are some php tags that are not properly started. change <? to <?php there are 2 instances of this around that line