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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to offer a sneak peak to those interested of the new Auctions V3 Contribution. I've spent the last 6 months almost completely re-coding this contribution. There were a million problems with the last v2.1 contrib - all are fixed. I've been testing this live over the past few weeks and have fixed all reported problems. New features include: Proxy Bids!!!! Customer Feedback Console Live feedback displayed on auction page including thumbs up, down etc. User bidding History, Finished Auction History Revamped "My account" page with users bidding info; Bid Que Up-Bid Table (Automatic Up-Bid increase) Automatic Out-bid notification Revamped Bid List + Many More. check it out @ crazystu.com.au New release will not be available for some time as I've got to separate the program logic from my page design. Any help with this would be appreciated. Private msg me if interested. Dan
  2. psylencer

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    This contrib requires register globals to be "on". Change it and the problem should be fixed. The problem is that with register globals off, the variables are not passed through to the following window correctly, hence the message. Regards Dan
  3. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Matt, heres the solution : in shopping_cart.php you need to do a cart reset. Check the code. If not message me and Ill help you out. mine certainly updates without a problem.
  4. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    HI Guys, Im going to begin to re-develop Auction for OSC V3, . Please list new feature requests here. So far on my list is some sort of customer review module Ala Ebay. One problem I've found with this is that customers just don't trust you. I think if we can introduce a seller feedback option, thjis may solve the problem. Dan
  5. I could not get the paypal fee to from the "Paypal Fee" module to pass through to Paypal, and I COULD get the paypal IPN with fee module to pass the fee, however this would not display the fee in order totals, so I combined the two with great results. Simply combine the Paypal_IPN Module with Fee (osCommerce-PayPal_IPN_with_fee) and The "Paypal Fee" modules Install them both, then set the "Fee" under "Payment modules -> Paypal IPN with fee" to 1.0 and the "Fee" under Order_total modules to what ever you like (2.5%) or whatever. Make sure you set the sort order for the Order total paypal fee module to a value just before the "Total" module Ie if Total is set to 5, then set Paypal Fee to 4. Now the fee is displayed correctly in your checkout confirmation page AND it's passed through to paypal. Cheers to those who made the contribs, while none worked well for me, they both work together nicely. Dan
  6. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    This problem, apparently occurs because I have not done a mysql_numrows before the offending lines. Basically, the error occurs when there are no results to display. If I could get a dump of the SQL tables related to this, I may be able to diagnose and repair. Cheers everyone for the effort, I'll try and keep a closer eye out for any more questions.
  7. psylencer

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    This will fix the problem! In Indvship1.php Find : $shiptotal1 = $cart->get_shiptotal1(); Replace : $currpage =$_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]; if ($currpage <> "/admin/edit_orders.php"){ $shiptotal1 = $cart->get_shiptotal1(); } More of a patch rather than fix, none the less works. Happy days. Dan
  8. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    I've done my research. Apparently there are no laws which prevent the sale of new items via auction in Australia. UNLESS you are selling motor vehicles or Real Estate, or prescribed items (mobile phones and second hand goods) Dan
  9. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Just a note to everyone. Our auction site just got pulled because we don't have an auctioneers licence. We'll be looking into this ASAP. Im in Australia by the way. Dan
  10. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Just the new files, the new and modded files are for install to a fresh un modded version of OSC Dan
  11. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll go through them one by one. Currencies? Yes you are correct here. I will make this mod in the next version 2.2 Line 72 is function display_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity = 1) { return $this->format($this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity)); } The missing argument for display price is for TAX. as I did not want tax to be applied or come into play when people are bidding on items, I left out the argumet. This error can be ignored, short of that, I'll have to re-do the function. Line 142 in product_info.php is <html <?php echo HTML_PARAMS; ?>> And line 160 is: 159 if ($casprodid==(int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']) { 160 header('Refresh: 90');} else { 161 echo '';} I could not reproduce this error on Version 2.2 RC2a. This section of code however is to automatically refresh the page every 90secs. The error displayed is definitely being caused by header tags being sent twice to the page. Any chance you could PM me your product_info.php so I can try to reproduce the error? Regards Dan
  12. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    The Beta IS finished . 2.1 is a polished version, sure there is plenty of work to do, however this version is fully functional. I've already got a list of improvements in terms of functionality, Language definition files, streamlining code and very minor bug fixes.
  13. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    I would have, however, much of the work was done by previous contributors, and, like I said, Credit. Given the fact that I've requested the BETA version be removed as is no longer necessary. Given the fact, that nobody seems to look at the previous version or respond to any posts and the fact I've posted a notice in the previous version, stating I will not support it, I do not think this will be a problem. If it is, people should learn to read. If they can't, I don't want to support them. Fair enough?
  14. psylencer

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Before you go and hop on Azers band wagon, have a look at my code, have a look how much SH*T has been removed and added in its place. Doing so was a request from those actively involved in the contrib. This is not simply a 5 second bunch of mods, rather the culmination of ALL previous issues, requested functions etc from the previous contrib. ALL features no one else here could be F**KED completing. Separating the two was not a decision based on removing credit from original authors, rather to limit confusion from those seeking advice or reading now completely obsolete posts on fixes from previous versions. Note to mention the 11 odd pages of advice of which 95% of has been rectified in this contrib. I invite you to go back, have a look at the outstanding issues from the previous thread, issues which you'll find from page 1-11. Now I invite you to go back and find one that hasn't been rectified in this contrib. As for Azers completely STUPID comment about opening a new thread for version 2.2,3 etc. Azer WAKE UP. Having NO ONE to test this contrib bar myself, i did not want an in opperable version to be muddled in amoungst finished versions. HENCE THE WORD B-E-T-A! Meaning (in IT terms) "Testing for BUGS". Shall we just add all the obsolete feedback to the original thread as well? I should point out that separating this contribution was done under advice from people ACTIVELY contributing and submitting feedback on the BETA version, something none of you guys would do. Its taken years for someone to be bothered getting off their ass to develop this contrib into something truely useful. A simple thankyou for all the hard work would suffice. Dan
  15. Auctions Contrib has been completely re-developed. Please see here :http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5890 Auctions 2.1 By Dan Herlihy for OSCommerce Version 2.2rc2a (Should work on previous versions) Credit goes to Celdish, Marcus Design, Azer and The French Autions team. Who have all put a lot of work into this contrib. I'd also like to thank those who tested and reported bugs for the BETA Version of this contribution. Without your help, this would not have been possible. Regards Dan TESTED with PHP V5 Basic Features : Run your own ebay Like auctions from your own website. Admin console to monitor the status of auctions (Auction finished, added to cart, complete). Auto emails sent upon higher bid and finished auction. Finished Auctions automatically added to users shopping cart. Auctions page provides overview of current auctions including number of bidders, starting bid, highest bid, time remaining, etc. Current auctions of which a user has bid on appear in "My Account" (account.php) PHP countdown with autorefresh to update times PHP file for CRON job to automatically process completed auctions, sends notification emails, adds to cart etc. ***Please note, completed auctions are processed in the following ways: • CRON JOB (you must set this up yourself - Google VisualCron (for windows) for more information. This cron job is best run from the server in which your site resides. Ask your system Admin about setting up a "CronJob" to automatically load the aucron2.php file every 3 or so mins. • Customer views their own shopping cart • Anyone views the completed auction page (This page will auto refresh which will also process a completed auction) Installation Notes: This installation requires a basic level of PHP and SQL understanding provided you are installing this on a fresh copy of OSC version 2.2rc2a You can modify the "results per page" for the auctions.php and account.php by changing the value of the $rowsPerPage variable in each page. Please ensure the following files are modified to suit your store. You will need to replace "Yoursitename.com" and "Your Name" with your own details. This (Best done once installation is complete) catalog/includes/modules/auctions_bids.php catalog/shopping_cart.php catalog/product_info.php You must set a cron job to execute aucron2.php file every 3 mins. This file will automatically detect finished auctions and send emails to the winners.