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    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    I'm having a hard time getting this to work on PHP4, since curl_multi_* is php5 and greater. any help would be greatly appreciated Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_multi_init() in /var/www/vhosts/website.com/checkout_by_amazon_order_request_handler.php on line 216
  2. I have a successful install of multi-stores working, after a while of scratching my head and whatnot. Anywho, the client wants to be able to offer (a single) vendor discounts per product. Product A will be $10 off, Product B, $20 off, etc. So I want to install SPPC contrib, because it appears it can do this. But about 25% into manually installing it, I'm noticing pretty much all the **REPLACE** lines are replacing code from the multi-stores contrib. So my question is, can it be done (with a minimal amount of work...), or can the multi-stores mod do the pricing options i want, or is there another less-feature-rich mod I could use to get what I'm looking for in the seperate pricing mod? Any help is appreciated, thanks a bunch.