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  1. Cris In Admin/configuration under shipping/packaging, make sure you dont have a tare weight to add onto shipping weight.
  2. Steve, All modules applicable were turned on but still options never came up. So I ended up making my own shipping module. Shame really as It wouldve been nice to have RM options but, hey ho so be it!!
  3. Firstly congrats on 2 great contribs. I may be barking up the wrong tree but I was wondering..... I, like many others only use English language on my site. Therefore is it possible to include another language( but as the language box is removed making it impossible for user to change the default language) and use the 2nd language to add info for one of the product tabs, therefore negating the need to manually add info via the db? For example in admin, under product description, in English box you have the normal english description. But in the french box you could put the product specification and change the call function in product_info.php to add the french description into tab 2 for specification and maybe the german dscription for availability? In my mind, it seems feasable, but then so many things are feasable in my mind! If it is possible, then surely this may make the TMS more aceptable to so many users who could use a language not used to add product info to tabs!! Only question is, how would you create the call function?!! $TMS->tab[1]['content'] = $product_info['products_description']; $TMS->tab[2]['content'] = 'french product description'; $TMS->tab[3]['content'] = 'german product description'; Just let me know if im being stoopid!!
  4. The Smoothy

    Addons download doesn't work

    I too am having a problem downloading contributions, i get Firefox can't find the server at de4.oscommerce.com.
  5. I too am having the same issue. Products added to cart select checkout and no shipping options. Any help would be great!
  6. This contribution does as you request. I have a heavily modified store and I couldnt get it to work properly but I also use another store for testing code changes so I know it works on a clean install. There is a support forum aswell, so if you do have problems, best to ask there! Smoothy
  7. I have been trying to configure Oscommerse to perform specific tasks and one of them is for a user to enter sizes for readymade blinds. I finally got Option type feature to work so now for the next bit! How do I use the text that is inputted (measurements) to refer to a price table? I have 2 user inputs of drop and width. My aim is to have the user enter their requirements and for a price to be returned. Similar to this example click here! Although I contacted the designer of this site he refused to tell or sell me the solution! Anybody got any ideas??? Simon
  8. The Smoothy

    Pricing Grid

    Have you had any luck with this issue? I too am having the same problems figuring out how users can input dimensions and it return the correct price. Trawled most the forums but no answers. Any advice would be appreciated! Smoothy