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  1. ScampNZ

    Mulitple flat rates

    I have just done the above but it is not showing up as an option at the check out, what have I done wrong?
  2. ScampNZ

    Multiple Images

    Can anyone recommend a good image contribution that will allow me to add more than 1 image to some of my product range? Does anyone have any screenshots so I can look at the layout before mucking around with the installation?
  3. ScampNZ

    Paymate 1.0

    No there was nothing in the install instructions :rolleyes:
  4. ScampNZ

    Paymate 1.0

    OMG thank you!!! What amazing timing you have!! I just came on here to look for this answer - I knew it was something with this code and had a feeling I had to remove the localhost:8080 part but wanted to double check before I did anything. Wow thank you for posting that!!
  5. ScampNZ

    Paymate 1.0

    thanks it seems to be working much better!
  6. ScampNZ

    Paymate 1.0

    I have just installed the payment mod paymate 1.0 - everything went well with the install. The problem I am encountering is when I go to the checkout there is no option for paying via Paymate. When I go to admin, it is installed, it comes up with blurb on the right hand side which I imagine should be showing on the payment method page. Is there anyone who has used this mod and can help me get it working?
  7. Hi, I am still no closer to getting my problem fixed. My problem is in the admin side of things, when I get an order with a discount coupon, I cannot update the order from pending to processing to delivered. The options don't even show. Someone said it might be the payment mod I have installed which is a bank transfer mod for NZ. Is anyone able to help me out at all? I'm getting really frustrated as I cannot find any support for this issue.
  8. From what I can understand it is very similar to the other bank transfer mods but set up for NZ. To be honest I doubt I will figure this out on my own because I am not a programmer and don't understand it - I can follow the instructions in the mod but that is as far as my coding ability goes! I am completely self taught on everything with my website so when I run into issues with mods - I am completely and utterly stuck and need to rely on others to help me out! Don't worry if you don't have time to do this as the customer isn't affected by this issue - it is just my admin which is. I don't think the customer receives an email confirming their order any more but that isn't too much of a problem. :rolleyes:
  9. Thanks for looking into this for me!! :thumbsup: I am not using paypal, I installed a NZ bank transfer mod right at the beginning so maybe there is something in there that needs changigng?
  10. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to fix my problem with this contribution?
  11. Can someone tell me if this contribution has any changes that would affect the orders.php page in admin? This is where I am missing the pending/processing/delivered/comments options when a discount coupon has been applied. :'(
  12. I have no idea sorry. I haven't done anything different to all the other times I have uploaded files. I use core ftp to upload my files and I use word pad to edit php files and again I have always used this and never had problems. This is not the 1st mod I have installed.
  13. I downloaded Winmerge, came back with 6 files that are different but when I double click on them it tells me they are the same - it would seem only the carriage returns are different. I tried uploading all the admin files again but that made no change. All orders with a discount coupon applied has no options available that are normally available on the admin orders page. Is there some code that is missing from the orders.php file??
  14. Never heard of a comparison program - where do I do a find a good one?
  15. Does anyone know how to fix this???????