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  1. pc_boyyy

    Category Count by Jack York to Jack_mcs

    How would it read if I added it? I'm a newb to php. I sit in confusion all the time, if I don't have programmers that can help me. :blink: Sorry, -Travis
  2. pc_boyyy

    Category Count by Jack York to Jack_mcs

    No it was in admin unfortunately. :blush:
  3. pc_boyyy

    Mass Product Uploads

    What's the other? :rolleyes:
  4. I noticed someone posted a problem to you about Category Count back in Jan 05'. I happen to be having the same problem. I downloaded the file package from OsCommerce Solution.com. :blink: I keep getting an error. I've tried installing it more than once. If you could help me I would really appreciate it. Your solution you gave the person looking for help did not help. It involved the general.php file, I've listed it below. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=129173 I have a current standard download of OsCommerce. :blush: Here's the error I get: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_count_products_in_category() in /home/tntridec/public_html/tntride.info/admin/cat_count.php on line 58 Thanks in advance, -Travis TNTRide
  5. pc_boyyy

    2checkout mess - help.

    Ok my reply has nothing to do with your talking about, so I apologize for that. :blink: However I'm seeking help on how in implement the PayPal IPN Module. I've created my Private key and Public Certificate using Cron-Jobs included from my webhost admin panel (cPanel). I'm puzzled on what to do with the certificate that I downloaded from PayPal's website?? The file is named paypal_cert_pem.txt. Does it need to go on my server if I already have my own SSL installed? I've read everything I can and I just can't find the answer I'm looking for? Maybe I've passed over something, maybe I haven't. If one of you knows where to take it from here I would really appreciate it. The module claims to be trouble free, but I've spent five hours to get to the point I'm at now. Please help me if you know how to properly install this module. You can either PM me, post here or email to webmaster[at]tntride[dot]com. :thumbsup: Kind regards, Travis
  6. Does it look like this?? Plus it's missing in the menu's?? I think I have the same error/problem. I wish I knew how to fix it. If this doesn't relate to yours I apologize. So many of us need help here, but we seldom get the correct answers/solutions. -TNTRide-