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  1. I copy over a fresh copy of the file from QT pro checkout_payment.php then manual entering the discount coupon codes, coding according from Readme file or was it the other way ? if you any probs lett me know i send the coding over to you Is there any way to add more then 1 discount coupon per transaction I can either do shipping or products not both so either a discount that does the whole transaction or add indiviual discount 1 for shipping and one for products
  2. Hooray i solved it was an issues between QT pro version and Discount Coupon checkout_payment.php all works now fine :)
  3. Hi guys I am still trying to figure out where I have gone wrong with this contribution The adim of the coupon seem to be working fines as in no errors at all, but the actual enter the code to get the discount doesn't work. Is theresuch a thing like and comfrimation button to add/ comfrim the code into the " Do you have a promotional code or discount coupon? Coupon Code: " box when I press return the it goes straight to the Order Confirmation page without discount taken off all any discount showing any ideas ??
  4. Sorry still be N00b here again I have downlod discount coupons 3.3 and with conjuction with some other contribions such Qt pro and Proudct image directory everything tostar with seems to be ok but i whenever i try to end the discount code in the Do you have a promotional code or discount coupon? Coupon Code: Just moves to comfrimation screen without any discounts the stranges thing is there no error messages i hav cras all through 68 pages but it seems that anything i do it do seems to be playing ball any help ??
  5. Thank you manged to get it to work it whas CHMOD however 755 and 704 didn't work only 777 seems to be working for some reason but only once all sub folders were CHMOD as well :-"
  6. hi i do get two type of errors Error: Catalog images directory is not writeable: /home51c/sub004/sc34668-YXAE/www/shopping/images/ and once tye tried to be upload i get the error IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST Categoria-Default.gif I have FTP the file in two locations shopping/images/categories and just shopping/images/ and try to upload from local to server location using the OSC admin screen but still no joy
  7. Hi i am still quite a n00b to oscommerce and php getting my head around these contrib. Ive download this contrib verson 1.4 3 days ago and i love for it was all working peferect eg getting image /picture in right folders not just every single one in the image folders But I got little problem at the I cannot add any images to any of my new catagoies that i created I completely foxed with this please help me thanks cyborgt100