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  1. I've also noticed, that after navigating in some places (for example product_info) the $urlcat_ template variables wont work any longer. I would really appreciate some help on this issues, thanks!
  2. For me worked the tell_a_friend box not any longer, because the sts_display_out function "strip_content_tags" filtered out the needed "</form>" tag on the product_info site. so here's my fix for that issue: My changes are bold. Hope it helps. But this damn product_reviews_info... $%&?$/ :)
  3. Hum, I think some more Bugreport would be nice, so here it comes: After applying the contrib I got some weird stuff when open the catalog/product_reviews_info.php (with matching id's, indeed). It shows up only one letter in all places where variables should show up. There seems to be a problem when parsing(?) the $template[content]. Any hints?!
  4. fragp

    family 3.0 problems

    Hey again. I've tested v3.3 and get again the following error when I look at a article that doenst belong to a family: My previosly mentioned fix worked, again, fine.
  5. fragp

    family 3.0 problems

    Nice work. How about the ability to add a Family as an Family Product? I think, in that way its possible to get a nice accessories management. But more important: Why I can add only 20 products to one family? Please, make it possible to edit an already added family, so that i dont have to mark all the products again, if chaning just one. Thanks!
  6. fragp

    family 3.0 problems

    I've added four "if (tep_db_num_rows($family_name_query) > 0)"?s to the family_products.php and tested it in all variations. Worked fine. Get the updated file here.
  7. fragp

    family 3.0 problems

    Great Contrib! I get also the following error on a fresh 2.2MS installation with the family contrib I figured out, that there is no check in the family_products.php that make's sure that the family_name_query dont return a false value. That will result in the above error. To prevent that, you must put a "if ($family_id > 0)" in the corresponding place. I've dont checked this further, so correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Hey there. Firstly I have to say, great contribution for a great open source shop! I noticed a little thing about STS, after I installed it on a clean OSC (tried MS2 and current CVS), I can't get the product_review_info page work. Because I really like this feature, this make's me some headache. Any hint how to fix this?! Thanks in advance.