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  1. bird68

    Prohibiting Shipping to States/Countries

    Hari, Thanks for the info. I'm a pretty good embedded sytems programmer (C, assembly, etc), but php is not my forte. I've looked through other contributions and probably can hack something...but this seemed like something that could use a clean contribution, which is something that would take a bit of a learning curve for me. And hard-coding the states/countries make it a case by case basis... Anyway, there's actually been quite a few requests for such a feature... There numerous industries that have shipping restrictions based on locale, so I figured it would be a good contribution. Can't ship encryption algorithms to some countries, can't ship porn to some states! Oh well, if push comes to shove, I'll have to bite the bullet & invest a weekend or two to knock this out! -Rod
  2. bird68

    Prohibiting Shipping to States/Countries

    Exactly. For us, it's a master list that applies to all products. In the US, we actually need to restrict shipment to particular states, so the list would need to be more specific that just country codes. Best Regards!
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a way to prohibit shipping to particular areas. I've searched exhaustingly through this forum and the contributions. There were some suggestions prevented the shipping module from appearing -- but the approach hard-coded the locale -and- didn't issue a warning (and in some cases still allowed the order). Other approaches, simply won't display the state/country, but would allow them to be entered manually or the order would still be processed (just with no shipping fees). Anyway, the closest thing I found was "Country Based Shipping" -- this (cool) contribution restricts where a particular product can be shipped based on the tax zone. The nice thing about this is that it issues an explanation why the product can't be shipped. The downside, is that it's based on tax-zones, so to include exclude a state or region -- a zone need to be created to include the world, except the prohibited states/regions. Also, it would appear this approach would interfere with normal taxing process, since a product only has one tax class. I've noticed that other people have requested this...so it's not an unusual requirement, especially given the huge range of variants in regulatory restrictions from country/state to country/state. It seems like a module where states/countries can be specified as no ship/order zones would be a great contribution. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, -Bird