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  1. Hello all, Question; the .htaccess changes referred to in the install notes. php_flag engine off <Files ~ "\.(php*|s?p?html|cgi|pl|ini)$"> deny from all </Files> I looked into the current .htaccess file in 'images' - as an example and noted that it is similar to what has been suggested should be in there; # $Id$ # # This is used to restrict access to this folder to anything other # than images # Prevents any script files from being accessed from the images folder <FilesMatch "\.(php([0-9]|s)?|s?p?html|cgi|pl|exe)$"> Order Deny,Allow Deny from all </FilesMatch> If using File Safe, should we delete the current .htaccess content and replace with the KISS File Safe version, or copy it beneath the original? As well, apart from the image / cache directories, which others should be amended in this way.
  2. Hello all, again, Another question. Have just installed Easy Populate v2 77a - went into the admin panel / catalogue, but EP was not there :'( Any idea's where I have gone wrong? Apart from my previous question regarding placing the table_block.php file, I did note that step 3 of the install did not go as planned. The admin panel crashed with the following code; STEP #3 - Add a link in the Admin Panel. Edit file "/catalog/admin/incudes/boxes/catalog.php" Find this code (Around Line 25): '' . BOX_CATALOG_CATEGORIES_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . '' . Directly AFTER add this: 'Easy Populate' . Admin panel reappeared when I changed the code to the following; 'title' => BOX_CATALOG_CATEGORIES_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES, 'Easy Populate' . Any idea's where I should start? :'(
  3. Hello all, Just looking to install Easy Populate v2 77a (given that I understand this to be the latest version), but wanted to check the following first. When I come to following the install instructions, I note the following; STEP #1 - Upload the following files to your osCommerce Store Directory · Copy file /catalog/admin/easypopulate.php into /catalog/admin/ or whatever folder you have placed the osCommerce admin. · Copy file /catalog/admin/easypopulate_functions.php into /catalog/admin/ folder. Copy file /catalog/admin/includes/classes/table_block.php into /catalog/admin/ folder. · Copy the /catalog/admin/EPDocumentation/ folder (3 files) into your /catalog/admin/ folder. Should the file name (table_block.php) be copied into the catalog/admin/includes/classes folder and not the admin folder?
  4. Hello all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place and / or if I have not found the necessary thread, which may have answered my questions, prior to bringing this to your attention :-" 1. Had been considering installing a thumbnail contribution, however, given that a thumbnail system exists within v2.3.1 is it worth the attention I would need to give this? Prior to this question being posted, I had been experimenting with small / medium / large format, with individual folders in the image folder for each, however I experienced some difficulties with this (for some reason). 2. Just come across something, which I have found unusual. I have tried to change the permissions on a png image file, but it is not allowing me to do this? Wonder why? I had been experimenting using the same image for the store logo and the store banner. Changed the name of the image for each use. One allows changes to the permissions, the other does not. All answers appreciated, as usual.
  5. Fresh Start

    Image management questions

    Hello all, Regarding my questions, in previous post, have I placed them in the correct part of the forum? Note 45 'readings' but no idea's being shared? By the way, this is not a criticism, just an observation :rolleyes:
  6. Hi all, Many thanks for the swift response! Have just cut and pasted the '[w](o)%3Cr%3Ek|i*n^g' characters into the search box and it came back with 'working'. All ok?
  7. Hello all, Having installed Security Pro in the last few weeks, is there a very simple way for me to test that it is actually working, without my causing too much damage to my current test site >_<
  8. Hello Burt / all, Update. Tested two test sites this morning. Purchased items / refunded monies / appeared to be redirected to correct pages - fingers crossed, but up to now, things appear to still be working correctly. I did notice something prior to beginning the tests, but that may not be associated with the installation of Security Plus? Initially, found it difficult to access the site (s) and in one case did not need to enter my password to access the admin section (which I had renamed and password protected). These issues have since disappeared? Strange? Anyway, I shall stop talking and get on with the next security 'patch' installation. Many thanks guys.
  9. Hello Burt, Many thanks for this and thanks to all for your patience. Have added the code, will test out asap - fingers crossed!
  10. Hello again, Just uploaded to 'includes/modules', although not currently ready to test payment system yet. Checking the KISS document, I note this; catalog/includes/application_top.php Find ... if ($request_type == 'NONSSL') { Add immediately ABOVE ... // Security Pro by FWR Media include_once DIR_WS_MODULES . 'fwr_media_security_pro.php'; $security_pro = new Fwr_Media_Security_Pro; // If you need to exclude a file from cleansing then you can add it like below //$security_pro->addExclusion( 'some_file.php' ); $security_pro->cleanse( $PHP_SELF ); // End - Security Pro by FWR Media That's it .. all installed! Have found this line of code, but did not see any mention of FWR in the application_top.php file (should I)? Do I have to activate the Security Plus code using another method (thought it was automatic)? Thought I had followed the install advice corectly - have I? Sorry about the confusion here :'(
  11. FWR Media, Many thanks, will do! Sorry to be a pain!!
  12. Hello all, Update. Just read a ton of information posted by 'Spooks' and associated contributors regarding security. Still not clicking into place for me 'yet'. Keep reading I suppose? Original newbie question still 'live' at this point until I find the answer.
  13. Hello all, I am currently trying to set up multiple stores using OSC with Paypal Standard as the payment processor. To this end, I have succeeded in applying relevant code to both stores and have tested purchase / repayment etc and that now appears to work with both, using one PP business account. Took days of research and wonderful assistance from several contributors to this forum to achieve this result. I am looking at the security of the site and am, amongst other things, looking at installing Security Pro (as well as other changes, such as changing the name of Admin file, etc). Not being a coder, I am finding the discussions about Security Pro, quite difficult to grasp. I want to 'keep things simple stupid', but am becoming bogged down and leaning towards the 'feeling stupid' end of the scale. My current concern is if I installed whatever latest version of Security Pro exists, would this effect the payment processor that I have just managed to get working across my two test stores? I will keep reading to enable a better understanding of this contribution, but it is going to take some time. Sorry if my questions / concerns have been raised and answered elsewhere (if they have, I will eventually find them).
  14. Fresh Start

    Setting Up Paypal Standard

    Another question / s; Not sure if this is the correct section to be asking these questions, perhaps an Administrator may wish to move them to a more appropriate area if this is the case? Regarding the 'Paypal_IPN.php' note above, I am informed that the PP 'Standard_IPN.php' replaces this? Would changing the paypal settings to allow duplicate order numbers allow me to run multiple stores on one PP business account and would there be any technical problems with this? Anyone??? Going back to the file 'standard_IPN.php', would anyone know, which code to tweak in this file to support multiple stores, for example; inputting a letter / number within an invoice field? I may have viewed the necessary code changes for Paypal_IPN.php but the code appears different in standard_IPN.php??? Tearing my hair out here...
  15. Fresh Start

    more than one shop on the same paypal account?

    Hello all, This post is not targeted at any particular individual. I place it here due to my questions relation to the original post. I have been in here for two days, reading a lot of information, a lot of it not very clear at all and a lot of it appears to contradicts previous information, or is guesswork. At present, I am looking for definite instructions on how to use PP Standard with one PP business account, across several online stores, utilising OSC v2.3.1 - simple? I do not wish a coder to do the work for me, I just need to know how to bring together OSC - multiple sites / Paypal Standard / Paypal account - in plain English...
  16. Fresh Start

    more than one shop on the same paypal account?

    Hi, I have been asking similar questions today (public / private) and am still researching the issue. Information I have received, which may be of use can be forwarded to you / or shared here? As I allude to in another post, I have received information about possible coding changes, which would differentiate between online shops using Paypal, but after looking in the PP Standard Module, I cannot locate the file that was brought to my attention (includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php). I may have misconstrued the information and it may be that the file is not a part of the PP Standard version at all, but another - Paypal IPN??? I also understand that simpler solutions (rather than coding) may also be used, but am still thinking those through, for example; for one shop using invoice numbers beginning with - 1; and for the second shop using invoice numbers beginning with - 10,000. As I said, still pondering about all of this.
  17. Fresh Start

    Setting Up Paypal Standard

    Hello all, Taking this question a little further. I have one PP business account, but would wish to use it for multiple stores. Can this be done with PP Standard and what code would need to be added / taken away? I have viewed the code changes for a certain file (Paypal_IPN.php) but could not locate that file in the Standard version - any ideas?
  18. Hello all :thumbsup: Regarding the contrib 'UK-BASED, DEFAULT OSCOMMERCE INSTALLATION' for those who have used it, I would appreciate information on how to install it, properly. I have tried a dozen times, including my deleting and setting up the OSC package each time (twice today), then reinstalling each package, however, I do not see the results on screen. It would be useful to hear from UK based bods, who have been in my position and who have learned by their mistakes. I have spent around 5 weeks to get to this point, which may or may not be time well spent? Having said that, during that time I have been lurking around this forum looking for advice on this and other matters and I have found many of the posts to be very interesting and informative. Other issues, which I am having difficulty with include; UK shipping modules and similar localisation issues (counties, zones, tax, value added tax), installation of other contributions, adding terms and conditions to testsite etc...etc... I am not a coder, but am learning, slowly, to work with OSC, therefore any assistance I can muster, will help me greatly. Thanking you in anticipation of your replies.
  19. Fresh Start


    :thumbsup: Many thanks Coopco for your early response. I have read your reply and have just looked at my OSC again. The contribution overwrites files, since they have the same name. I have just uploaded both programmes again. Other than changing their names, I do not see how I can get around this? Newbie question, when you say do not forget to run the sql file... I considered that once I had managed to get to the admin screen, these matters would be taken care of automatically? If not, how do I manually run the sql file? Thanks, I appreciate your time.