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  1. Hi there! I have installed the newest Version of STS. Now I have a Problem with the Menuboxes. E.g. the Categoriesbox: I have created a new Template for the Infoboxes. That's ok so. Now I want so insert the Var $headertext in a Imagestring. But this Var inserts a Table into my Imagestring, and the Images doesn't show correct. At last I had tried to delete all Tabletags and -Strings from the boxes.php in the .../catalog/include/classes/ Folder. In the first Time the Image does show correct, but the Content of the Listbox shows broken. In the End the Imagestring should be looks like this -> e.g. <img src="./images/style_20070621/infoBoxHeader_Categories.gif" width="150" height="24"> What must I edit to become the right output for my Problem? I hope you will post and help me soon as possible. It's very important!