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  1. Hi all, I've installed version 1.1 to get a seperate RSS feed for each category, Am I right in thinking that's whats this contribute does? If I'm on the right path then I have an error. When I go to category 1 and click the rss button the items for that category go into the rss feed, all is well. Then when I go to category 2 and click the rss buttin the items for category 2 are added to the bottom and the URL stays the same. The doc for Version 1.1 mention a category id, is there something if missed I reall want this to work. The url I'm getting is http://www.zantayartprints.com/rss.php/language/en Should ther be a category ID added to this, the only area I have the RSS button is on the footer bar. Any help welcome