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  1. jaymz77

    Master Products - MS2

    Never mind :) Figured it out.. master_list.php
  2. jaymz77

    Master Products - MS2

    Fisrt off, this is exactly what I needed and got it working great. Just a question.. I have many attribute to each slave, how do I format the "Options" to be next to each other instead of stacked? Like this now: Power +6.0 BC 1.00 Would like: Power: BC: +6.0 1.00 (options would be drop down boxes) Thanks in advanced!!
  3. jaymz77

    Extra product fields

    Jim, I really appreciate your time on this, it is greatly appreciated. I have a better insight on it now, I kinda figured something of the sort. I will just play around with it a bit and I'm sure I can eventually figure it out :) Thanks again! This forum has been such a nice tool for all us OSC'ers .. I am so greatful. - James
  4. jaymz77

    Extra product fields

    Thanks Jim! Although with my limited PHP I am still unsure how to accomplish this. I See how the string works but I will have to keep playing with it, maybe I can get it working. Thanks again, if you or anyone else can give me a little more insight, I would greatly appreciate it. - James
  5. I have been fortunate to have found out about OSC many years ago, it is truly awesome. Anyways, this may be something that can't be discussed because it modifies the OSC shell but here goes nothing.. I have been adding new fields to the product_info page for awhile but have come accross a problem with a new site I am building. When I add the field to the catagories.php, I have only been able to add text fields.. (please note I am not very good with php) .. how would I add a drop down box or a radio button to slect a specific option that is static with the product. Example : This web site is an RV Dealership, all RV's have different options just like cars.. A/C, DVD player, LCD TV .. etc.. I would like to be able to select a radio button for each option that is availble for that product and have those results displayed on the product_info page. Here is the code from catagories.php that displayes the entry field: <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_CLASS_XML; ?></td> <td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . ' ' . tep_draw_input_field('products_class_xml', 'Class ' . $pInfo->products_class_xml); ?></td> </tr> I know it has to do with the tep_draw_input_field but can't figue it out. I hope someone can help, this would make things SO much easier! Thanks in Advanced! -James
  6. jaymz77

    Add to wishlist button does nothing

    thanks qshdy, at least I got it to do something, but now it just goes to "product can't be found" page and messes up all the tables on the page ?? Any thoughts? Here is the link again, http://rnrrv.com/09/product_info.php?products_id=32 Thanks!!!
  7. Hi everyone! I Would love to have this contribution work. I am running OSC v2.2 RC2a and have installed this contribution 3 times with the same result.. the 'Add to Wishlist' button does nothing, no error, no click, no nothing. All it does is show me the Alt text. I have tried everything I know to figure out the problem with no luck. I have searched this forum and the web and this seems to be a very isolated problem, although I did find a post earlier in this thread with the same problem, but no replies. Contributions installed: STS 4.5.8 Multiple_Images_AutoThumbs_1.1 Printer Friendly Product Info Page 2.1_3 Here is a link to the site: http://rnrrv.com/09/product_info.php?products_id=32 I hope someone can help :rolleyes: - James
  8. Re-check the Contribution page.. someone added a set of new instructions that will help you out.
  9. Hi Scott. Thanks for a great contribution!! I have read through this entire thread and many of my questions and problems have been solved. Although, I would like to add more info to the product listing. I work for a RV dealership and built this site, www.rnrrv.com , and I would like to add fields that are on the product_info page (stock number, length, year). Can you help me? Thanks!! -James
  10. Ok.. so this is a GREAT contribution!! I love it but I have a question regarding the "status".. does anyone have the PHP skills to do this; I would like when I am "Offline" have the logo disapear.. and show "online" logo when online of course.. is this something that can be done or is it on the "Volusion" side? Thanks in advanced! James
  11. I have been mod'n OSC for awhile now and have a question for everyone that seems to be unique cause I have searched this forum, the web and contributions with no luck. I built a site for a RV dealership and am mostly done but we dont sell RV's online (ex. no shopping cart) we just use it for a online catalog. We would lke to have the RV option's, Generator, A/C, stuff like that to be selected in Admin during the adding of the new product. Kinda like the stock attributes but static, no drop down boxes etc.. We are planning on just writing them out in the description box but I would love to be able to have them listed in Admin's "new product" with like radio or check boxes to select which options show up in product_info. Any help from you guys would be greatly apprerciated. I would even make a conrtibution for others to use. Our website, www.rnrrv.com Thanks in advanced! James
  12. jaymz77

    Request Product Info

    Jack, no worries.. I found another contribution and modified it for my needs. Thanks anyways! Have a Merry Christmas! James
  13. jaymz77

    Request Product Info

    Hi again Jack, I do understand this is difficult to trouble shoot but I am in real need of this contribution, is there any way I could persuade you to look at my files and see what might be wrong? I really hate to trouble you but we dont display prices and I have no way of having the customer request a price without them manually filling out simple info like product name, model number, etc.. I really would appreciate the help :) -James PS I am using STS if that helps.
  14. jaymz77

    Request Product Info

    OK here is what is there, PHP Version: 4.4.7 (Zend: 1.3.0) Any thoughts?