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  1. hello,

    Did you test your last version with oscMax V2.0.

    Thank's for your answer.

  2. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    You could change it by this one : if ( isset($_GET['ajax']) && (int)$_GET['ajax'] != 1 ) I tried before HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH, i like this method but seems to be uncompatible with some server and particulary with MSIE (...) To avoid page directly page call with ajax parameter (from a non ajax requester) i also modified tep_href_link in html_output.php but it is not needed in this contribution, but i still post the code : html_output.php / tep_href_link // Prevent non ajax loading / OLIVIER // $parameters = str_replace('&ajax=1', '', $parameters) ; $parameters = str_replace('?ajax=1', '?', $parameters) ;
  3. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    No don't look for bugs that doesn't exists lol there is cart_quantity to uptdate shopping_cart page and boxcart_quantity to update shopping cart infoboxe !
  4. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Yes i think the URL is not perfectly encoded : change this : url: encodeURI($('form[name=cart_quantity]').attr('action')) + '&show_total=1&ajax=1', by this : url: encodeURI($('form[name=cart_quantity]').attr('action')) + '?show_total=1&ajax=1', the best way is to encode the URL like this but i don't test it : url: encodeURI($('form[name=cart_quantity]').attr('action') + '?show_total=1&ajax=1'), I hope that will work for you !
  5. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Dear Sir, Sure ! You're right. There is a mistake in jquery-oscart.js line 120 and i never had feedback about this problem : Look for '?action=show_total&ajax=1' change to '?show_total&ajax=1' If you could update the package that will be great for other people too. Thx in advance. Olivier
  6. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Currently, i don't stay in Marseille but in Bangkok, another amazing place ! I'm sure you know my friend Michel, one of the last best fisherman in Marseille ! Yes it's possible but need a custom developpment
  7. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Bonjour oui je suis de Marseille ;) Your link go to a slidding shopping cart not a flying shopping cart (like in the contribution), The only way is to coding by yourself or to purchase a custom developpement.
  8. Hello friend do you have the back up files from your job tu cut and paste just because i cant do the ajax and shows me some problems in the 312 row in index.php

  9. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Sure, the link is inside the contribution !
  10. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    The third version contain all instructions and solved all problems for those i had a feed back (excepted the CHARSET issue related in this topic) This version supports also products attributes I haven't any feed back about flying problems or "unable to determine page link" issues Because the demonstration URL is in the readme file and regarding my apache logs : this contribution has been downloaded at least 190 times since 3 days ...
  11. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Problem corrected by some changes : in boxes/shopping_cart.php look for $cart_contents_string = ''; Replace by $cart_contents_string = tep_draw_form('boxcart_quantity', tep_href_link(FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART, 'action=update_product')) ; Update .JS file from the new package http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7477
  12. delete13

    jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart

    Yes i know that issue, you have to declare the content/type of file when shopping cart is called in AJAX : if ( (int)$_GET['ajax'] != 1 && $_SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH'] != 'XMLHttpRequest' ) { ......... } else { header("Content-Type:text/html; charset=' . CHARSET . '"); }
  13. jQuery / Ajax shopping cart for osCommerce v2.2 RC2a - Fly to Cart product image to cart on product page - Ajax Add/Remove buttons in cart - Ajax Delete button in cart - Ajax Remove button in shopping_cart infobox - Dynamically refresh of shopping_cart infobox - Multilanguage support - Online Demonstration http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7477 Enjoy ;)
  14. delete13

    Paypal Express Checkout

    I'm the contributor... if you speak french send me an MP ;)
  15. Thank's for your great contribution. And update for your mobile_redirect.php : function needRedirect() { if($this->isCancelled()) return false; if(strpos($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'],$this->mobileDir . $this->mobileFile) > 0) return false; if(tep_browser_detect('iPhone') || tep_browser_detect('iPod')) return 'iPhone'; if(tep_browser_detect('IEMobile')) return 'iPhone'; if(tep_browser_detect('Blackberry')) return 'Blackberry'; if(tep_browser_detect('Nokia')) return 'Nokia'; if(tep_browser_detect('SonyEricsson')) return 'SonyEricsson'; if(tep_browser_detect('Opera Mobi')) return 'OperaMobi'; if(tep_browser_detect('Opera Mini')) return 'OperaMini'; if(tep_browser_detect('MAUI_WAP_Browser')) return 'GenericWAP'; if(tep_browser_detect('alcatel')) return('alcatel'); // Alcatel Browser (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('lg-')) return('lg-'); // LG (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('ericsson')) return('ericsson'); // Ericsson Browser (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('mot-')) return('mot-'); // Motorola Browser (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('panasonic')) return('panasonic'); // Panasonic Browser (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('philips')) return('philips'); // Philips Browser (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('sagem')) return('sagem'); // Sagem (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('samsung')) return('samsung'); // Samsung (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('sie-')) return('sie-'); // SIE (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('sec-')) return('sec-'); // Sony/Ericsson (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('sonyericsson')) return('sonyericsson'); // Sony/Ericsson Browser (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('mmef')) return('mmef'); // Microsoft Mobile Explorer (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('mspie')) return('mspie'); // MS Pocket Internet Explorer (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('wapalizer')) return('wapalizer'); // WAPalizer (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('wapsilon')) return('wapsilon'); // WAPsilon (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('webcollage')) return('webcollage'); // WebCollage (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('up.')) return('up.'); // UP.Browser (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('docomo')) return('docomo'); // I-Mode phone (PDA/Phone browser) if(tep_browser_detect('portalmmm')) return('portalmmm'); // I-Mode phone (PDA/Phone browser) return false; } ;)