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  1. I make a change in breadcrumb module. If I don't works with products model, the breadcrumb must show products_name instead a blank breadcrumb (in product_info.php)
  2. I think that it's better don't mix the pages
  3. shopping cart with ajax, one page checkout
  4. QTPro BS

    Hello, What's the function of save "products_stock_attributes" in "orders_products"? I can not find the use, but I think it will be there for something EDITED: the reason is "tep_remove_order" Best regards :)
  5. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    No, all seem to works correctly. Ok, but will be a good idea to update addon with this line commented? Thanks to both :)
  6. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I just find that console shows this error: Refused to set unsafe header "Accept-Charset" from admin/attributeManager/javascript/requester.js:64 this.commInterface.setRequestHeader('Accept-Charset',e); I looked on Google with no clarify results Best Regards
  7. Is possible to set a discount code for a product with a specific attribute? Thanks in advance :)
  8. Uploaded new update, replace mysql functions by mysqli functions to works with v2.3.4 https://apps.oscommerce.com/1F1Uz&autobackup-database-in-admin
  9. QTPro BS

    Ok, this is my problem, I don't have installed QTPro when I create the options x'D Thank you so much :)
  10. QTPro BS

    Hi Rainer @raiwa I think that I find "the problem" When you add an option... you must to set the stock for this option or is automatic? Thanks! Gustavo
  11. QTPro BS

    Yes, for the two parent options that I have
  12. QTPro BS

    I see a problem, when I create an option in a product, don't create this attribute option stock in DDBB. So, If don't exist in DDBB I can't update stock :( The products attributes needs attention of oscommerce people, It is very obsolete :( :( :( Regards :) Gustavo
  13. QTPro BS

    Hi Rainer @raiwa I find en DDBB that the stock in attribute are store in "products_stock" table instead of "products_attributes" table with price and weight. Don't be more easy that stock will store in "products_attributes" too? maybe this addon worked always just like that? By the way, I'm looking how to set products stock in QTPro for all products like "quick update products stock" (https://apps.oscommerce.com/OcMRh&quickly-update-product-stock) where you can choose categories or manufacturer and adjust stock. Is possible in QTPro? I don't find it. Thanks in advance. Gustavo
  14. Google Analytics - Default module issue

    Conflict with Purchase Without account, solved here:
  15. So easy that I didn't think on it Thank you Rainer @raiwa