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  1. I have the same error code
  2. I thinked too in those options, but both modules must show code even if don't have products, for example if don't have "also purchased modules" or "cros sell". At the moment, I think that those ItemList don't have advantage by Google. Thank for your ideas :)
  3. Yesterday I was thinking about this :)
  4. I thinked that option, but seems to be a lot of work and google only show the "product snippet" (which are ok) in results. Thanks for your collaboration :) Best regards :)
  5. As I readed in forums, seems to only support one list, so I remove the rich snippets for my cross sell module until I read more news, because with this errors don't shows correctly the product rich snippets
  6. No, are siblings list, one in cross sell module and another in also purchased module. Seems thats need to be merge into one list
  7. Hello, I have a "problem" with rich snippets, I use the default module "also purchased" and I want to use a "cross sell", I copied the rich snippets code to this module but in rich snippets validator says that "you can't use several ItemList at the same time" Anyone have an idea that how I can use the rich snippets in both modules? Best regards
  8. I know that now it's frozen, but if someone uses the new json-ld breadcrumb, it adds the oscid to urls, I just see on google test tools. Best regards
  9. I Jack, Search Console only show you a notice if the links get you a 404, these links works correctly and don't show any notice in search console, at least I never found those notices
  10. I don't understand enough about git to make as you say
  11. Looks better, but... if this category don't have products and have subcategories, use view=all have no sense, don't you?
  12. Works correctly if ($category_depth == 'products') But it $category_depth = 'nested'; // navigate through the categories (extracted from index.php) are missing and if this category have subcategories don't show meta canonical will this if (isset($cPath) && tep_not_null($cPath) && ($category_depth == 'products')) { need to be? if (isset($cPath) && tep_not_null($cPath) && ($category_depth == 'products' || $category_depth == 'nested')) { $oscTemplate->addBlock('<link rel="canonical" href="' . tep_href_link('index.php', ($category_depth == 'products' ? 'view=all&' : '') . 'cPath=' . $cPath, 'NONSSL', false) . '" />' . PHP_EOL, $this->group);
  13. missing $current_category_id ? canonicals show empty cPatch <link rel="canonical" href="https://www . store . com/?cPath=" />
  14. No idea, I would like to know. PD: Bingbot finds those urls too
  15. The canonical url header_tags shows the wrong url, take a look