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  1. Attributes weight instructions must not be removed, must be changed to this addon: The addon put in instruction only have a sql file to add weight to DDBB Best regards
  2. Attributes sort order and attributes weight must be removed from install instructions (fortunately) you saved me a lot of work :)
  3. Thank you @Jack_mcs Looking in I found this contribution but I'm sure that I don't install it, it's the contribution that says @raiwa. Thank you both for your answers :)
  4. Hello, I find these columns: products_option_sort_order, weight_prefix, option_values_weight in my table products_attributes and I can't remember when added to my DDBB, I never use before attributes and now I'm looking for use it. Can anyone say me wich contribution adds to DDBB these columns? products_option_sort_order, weight_prefix, option_values_weight Thanks in advance.
  5. @allaboutwicker thanks for you answer, I prefer don't install more addons to do this. The problem is that usu5 shows a statict page instead of a standard oscommerce page, so the categories box are not showed. Thank you so much :)
  6. Hello, No one uses a standard oscommerce page in 404 error??? I'm getting mad to make it work :(
  7. Hi, I'm looking how to make PayPal App v5.018 doesn't save the order before the payment, because for each customer attempt to make paymente, order_id are increased +1 In my PayPal older version, the order only are saved if customer finish the payment. I tried to make a modifications, but the log don't save data correctly. Thanks in advance.
  8. I just read your edit reason. In catalog/includes/kiss_error_handler.php find: private static $error_types = array( E_USER_ERROR => 'E_USER_ERROR', E_USER_WARNING => 'E_USER_WARNING', E_USER_NOTICE => 'E_USER_NOTICE', E_WARNING => 'E_WARNING', E_NOTICE => 'E_NOTICE', E_ERROR => 'E_ERROR', E_STRICT => 'E_STRICT' ); and replace with: private static $error_types = array( E_USER_ERROR => 'E_USER_ERROR', E_USER_WARNING => 'E_USER_WARNING', E_USER_NOTICE => 'E_USER_NOTICE', E_WARNING => 'E_WARNING', E_NOTICE => 'E_NOTICE', E_ERROR => 'E_ERROR', E_STRICT => 'E_STRICT', E_DEPRECATED => 'E_DEPRECATED' ); Bests regards Gustavo
  9. Hi @Irin Did you find the fix? Thanks in advance :)
  10. Hi @radhavallabh I just look in your web and now works in firefox and chrome
  11. @radhavallabh when I enter on your web, chrome console show a lot of errors, maybe you must to fix it before country state works. Bests regards
  12. The problem is that the 404.php in root folder is like a "shipping" page and try to load application_top.php, so I get this error: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare usu5_base_filename() (previously declared in /includes/application_top.php:56) Any help will be apreciated :)
  13. I tried to change in /cataalog/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/bootstrap.php private function pageNotFound() { include_once Usu_Main::i()->getVar( 'includes_path' ) . 'uri_redirects_class.php'; if ( false !== ( $url = Uri_Redirects::i()->needsRedirect() ) ) { $this->redirect( $url ); } session_write_close(); header( "HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found" ); // include_once Usu_Main::i()->getVar( 'includes_path' ) . 'notfound_404.php'; include_once Usu_Main::i()->getVar( 'base_url_ssl' ) . '404.php'; exit; } The url for the 404 page to my custom 404 page in catalog/404.php without solution. Anybody have fix this? Thanks in advance :)
  14. Hello, I have a problem with 404, I use a custom 404 page, but if I enter on a product that his status is set to zero, I got a USU5 404 Someone knows how to get my custom 404 page not found? Thanks in advance :) Gustavo
  15. Thank you @raiwa I put all on false :) I didn't think it was in a constant hehehe Regards :)