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  1. This is the problem, I don't install this module, I thinked that isn't important :( Sorry Thanks for all!! Gustavo
  2. Hello Rainer, Customer are flagged but order not
  3. I drop on top the modified files and new files on a fresh install, active header tags modules and login without account form, with Offer set password to guest as true But when I finish an order y click to continue, customer still in BBDD. I don't know where look now :\ I'm getting mad :wacko:
  4. Ok, I think that I have something that block the set_snatshop to checkout_success.php and customer aren't deleted. I continue searching, Thanks!!
  5. Hello, I have a trouble with this contribution, the customer account aren't deleted after checkout. I tried with "Offer set password to guest" true and false // do things if a guest comes from checkout success if ( tep_session_is_registered('customer_is_guest') && isset($navigation->snapshot) && $navigation->snapshot['page'] == 'checkout_success.php' ) { if ( defined('MODULE_CONTENT_PWA_LOGIN_KEEP_ACCOUNT') && MODULE_CONTENT_PWA_LOGIN_KEEP_ACCOUNT == 'True' && basename($PHP_SELF) == 'account.php' && strpos($messageStack->output('account'), 'alert-success') ) { // Unregister and remove guest from customers table if password is successful set tep_session_unregister('customer_is_guest'); tep_db_query("update customers set customers_guest = '0' where customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); } elseif ( basename($PHP_SELF) != 'download.php' && basename($PHP_SELF) != 'set_password.php' && substr(basename($PHP_SELF), 0, 8) != 'checkout' ) { // else delete guest account tep_db_query("delete from customers where customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "' and customers_guest = '1'"); tep_db_query("delete from address_book where customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); tep_db_query("delete from customers_info where customers_info_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); tep_session_unregister('customer_default_address_id'); tep_session_unregister('customer_first_name'); tep_session_unregister('customer_country_id'); tep_session_unregister('customer_zone_id'); tep_session_unregister('customer_id'); tep_session_unregister('customer_is_guest'); } } $navigation->snapshot['page'] shows current page or previous page? I think my troubles comes from this variable (for a mod). The customer are delete in checkout_success.php or in the next visited page? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, the problem is with osc free shipping over (include in osc BS), that is on order totals modules. If you select a shipping method and go back click again in checkout, the order total change to "order total + shipping cost" and the price of ship changes. Sorry if I can't explain correctly
  7. Hello, Can anyone confirm this, please? I'm using "Free Shipping For Orders Over" from ot_shiping in order totals modules for amount over 50 € offer free shipping. In checkout_shipping.php I choose the shipping method and go to checkout_payment.php, if I go back the "$order-info['total]" to check if free shipping is ok, get the amount of $order-info['shipping_cost'] and offers free shipping. adding this if ($order->info['shipping_cost'] > 0) { $order->info['total'] = $order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']; } before this if ( ($pass == true) && ($order->info['total'] >= MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER) ) { $free_shipping = true; works correctly for me. But I would like to know if it happens to someone else. Of course I tried a clean installation Thanks in advance :)
  8. The file which save the order to BBDD is checkout_process.php Look any deprecated function there. Regards :)
  9. Your server save errors on error_log file? look at this Regards
  10. Looks great :) To get full width change this: $output = <<<EOD <style> #columnLeft { display: none; } #columnRight { display: none; } </style> EOD; by this: $output = <<<EOD <style> #columnLeft { display: none; } #columnRight { display: none; } </style> <script> $(document).ready(function () { $('#bodyContent').removeClass('col-md-9').addClass('col-md-12'); }); </script> EOD;
  11. Problem encountered, conflict with contribution "ordercheck" Regards :)
  12. Hello, I have an issue in my osc BS, I try on a fresh install and it works perfectly, so I compare my modified files with non changed files, but I can't find the problem. with low order fee and with payment type surcharge, the amount is charged x2 so, if the surcharge is 5, it's charge 10. I don't know where search, I looked everything... Any ideas will be apreciated :) Thanks in advance.
  13. Ok, thanks :)
  14. Will be possible to put the checkout_process.php code // Discount Codes 4.1 BS - start if (MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_STATUS == 'true' && !empty($discount)) { $discount_codes_query = tep_db_query("select discount_codes_id from discount_codes where discount_codes = '" . tep_db_input($sess_discount_code) . "'"); $discount_codes = tep_db_fetch_array($discount_codes_query); tep_db_perform('customers_to_discount_codes', array('customers_id' => $customer_id, 'discount_codes_id' => $discount_codes['discount_codes_id'])); tep_db_query("update discount_codes set number_of_orders = number_of_orders + 1 where discount_codes_id = '" . (int)$discount_codes['discount_codes_id'] . "'"); tep_session_unregister('sess_discount_code'); } // Discount Codes 4.1 BS - end Into header_tags module? function execute() { global $PHP_SELF, $oscTemplate, $sess_discount_code; if (MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_STATUS == 'true') { if (basename($PHP_SELF) == 'checkout_payment.php') { ob_start(); include('ht_discount_code/ht_discount_code.php'); $template = ob_get_clean(); $oscTemplate->addBlock($template, $this->group); } elseif (basename($PHP_SELF) == 'logoff.php') { if (tep_session_is_registered('sess_discount_code')) { tep_session_unregister('sess_discount_code'); } } } } Best regards :)