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  1. chatted to you in PM
  2. That's exactly the problem I have. And every time you save it duplicates the products? doesnt mattre if you add or remove the item? Will keep this forum posted when I find a fix - George
  3. Sorry, asked the wrong quesetion. I'm trying to delete xsell items. In the admin section i click xsell, I see the list of articles w/the xsell items next to them, click on Add/Remove which takes me to the next section with the drop down menu w/product categories. I select the category, it lists the items in it. I uncheck the item, click Save. Added some debugging print_r($_POST) and it seems that every time I visit that section and hit save, item IDs are being appended to xsell_id[] and which is passed via $_POST. As the result, every time I save, the amount of linked products multiplies what looks like 2x previous amount + 1. - George
  4. Is it possible to allow anonymous reviews? With admin approval, captcha of course? THnx, George
  5. How do I remove articles? I click Add/Remove and get prompted to Select Category. If I select category I only get a choice to add new items. The only way I can do it currently is to delete the entries from the database. Thnx George
  6. Is there anything expected to appear under the Customers column in the order listing? I get the Order Total, Date Purchased, etc.. but under Customers its blank. I understand that logically customer's data would be erased from the database but should something show up in the first field? or should it be blank? - G
  7. ok... gallery.php infobox... this is lazy ass junk code: if($picture != '.' && $picture != '.' && $picture != '.' && $picture != '.DS_Store' && $picture != '' && $picture != ' '){ here's the right way (better way?) right on top replace $pictures = scandir($dir); with $pictures = array_diff(scandir($dir), array('.', '..', '.DS_Store')); Otherwise.. so far so good I guess.. still installing. Any idea if there ever be a voting/rating capability? Cheers, G
  8. Any plans to add a voting feature? i.e. visitors vote on the user's gallery?
  9. From help Question/Topic: AMEX Card Code Processing Answer/Article American Express Merchants are not set up with the ability to process Card Codes (what American Express calls a Card Identification Number or CID) by default. The following information is from American Express's Mail Order/Phone Order/Internet Procedures brochure. Your merchant account must be certified to verify the CID number. To inquire more about the program, send an e-mail to Original Source: The following is a list of possible CVV2/CID response codes and their corresponding meanings. Each code is unique; no code will ever overlap in meaning: M - Match, the CVV2 code entered matched that of the credit card. N - No Match indicates the code entered is incorrect. P - Not processed means that the code was not validated. S - Should be on card but not so indicated means that the customer left that field blank. U - Issuer not certified means that the card issuing bank does not participate in the CVV2 program or hasn't provided the key so that the code can be validated. If your account is not supported by Amex to use the CVV/CID program you will need to uncheck options "P" and "U" for Amex transactions to process correctly. This will be done in the Card Code Settings of the Merchant interface: 1. Login into 2. Click on Account. 3. Select the 'Card Code Verification' link. 4. Uncheck options ‘‘P’ and 'U' from this page, then click submit. If you are not sure if your Amex merchant account is set up to support CID processing you will need to contact American Express at to see if this was established on your Merchant account. Hope this helps - George
  10. Looking for a contrib which would allow me to specify different quantity breakdowns for different categories e.g. greeting cards - 15,30,40,50,60.... return labels - 16,32,48,64.... Can be with or without price breakdown. Examples if possible. Heavily modded shop hence looking for something available before writing my own :) Cheers, George
  11. Might be a good idea to encapsulate title, description, and category and category items to take care of the "&"s and "<"s echo "<title><![CDATA[$headline]]></title>\n"; echo "<pubDate>$date</pubDate>\n"; echo "<description><![CDATA[$content]]></description>\n"; echo "<category><![CDATA[$article_topic]]></category>\n"; Also, if you're like me who utilizes Articles head desc. field for your SEO, you can use that field instead of regular description... //$content_1 = substr($content_rec['articles_description'], 0, 200); $content_1 = substr($content_rec['articles_head_desc_tag'], 0, 200); Sorry for not specifying the exact lines. If you cant figure out how to find and replace the code.. you shouldnt be touching it :rolleyes: - G
  12. Right click on that and view the source. Most likely an error in SQL or missing include. Had a similar issue when tried to port rss feature to the older version of Article manager while I was testing the full release in my staging area. IM me if still having an issue G
  13. disregard my question :) closer look at the links_setup.php answered it already. Great mod btw. Thnx
  14. Forgive me if i'm missing something obvious but where do I disable the images and changing to vertical listing? Tried searching for LINKS_DISPLAY_FORMAT_STANDARD but it only appreas in ./catalog/links_db_update.php ./catalog/links.php ./catalog/links_setup.php Currently running v 1.18. Thnx, George
  15. Hi Sherry, Take a look at my earlier post: Hope that fixes your alignment issues Rgrds, G