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  1. Any idea how you solved this issue? I'm still receiving the:
  2. winedog

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, I'm running CRELoaded 6.2b2b (which I really kind of regret) and I have had a real nightmare try to get order editing to work correctly with taxes. At present we have managed to 99% of the way there and we have added in some of the files so that I think we are running somewhere around version 1.6 of edit_orders.php. Right now it works perfectly in that products are added, tax is applied correctly and in the correct currency, and the discount field works. The problem is shipping. It works and adds in the shipping just fine, but tax is being applied to the shipping costs. I looked at the code and saw an option to affect taxation of shipping, but it doesn't seem to actually be working. Changing that variable to "0" has no effect on the application the tax rate to the shipping. Can anyone help me or steer me in the right direction?
  3. winedog

    Paymate Support Thread

    It looks like there is a possibility to send order details through to to paymate so that the customer's paymate receipt shows the products ordered. Anyone know what those parameters are or how to implement it into this contribution?
  4. winedog

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Has anyone been able to successfully apply this contribution to CRE Loaded B2B? I've got huge problems with the creation of orders and was hoping I might be able to use this contribution. However, the code differences in admin/orders.php are so massive I couldn't figure out anyway to incorporate that code. At the moment I have most of the changes applied except for the ones in orders.php and I'm finding that if I attempt to create an order and 'update' it, it goes into an abandoned state.
  5. winedog

    Paymate Support Thread

    OK...I'm in New Zealand and a total OSC and PHP n00b.....should my New Zealand code look exactly like this? $this->form_action_url = 'https://www.paymate.com.au/PayMate/GenExpressPayment'; // $this->form_action_url = 'http://localhost:8080/npaymate/expressPaymentAU.jsf';
  6. winedog

    Paymate Support Thread

    Has paymate changed the way it does return URL handling if a bad credit card number is entered by the user? I used to be able to test order processing on our OSC site paymate methods by using the old "4564456445644564" bogus credit card number trick. The order would go all the way through and I would get returned to our checkout success page. Now when I use that bogus credit card on an order and confirm the order, I get returned this URL: http://www.domain-stripped-for-privacy.com/acquire_wine/checkout_payment.php?error_message =YOUR%20PAYMENT%20WAS%20DECLINED%20BY%20YOUR%20PAYMENT%20PROCESSOR. %20PLEASE%20SELECT%20ANOTHER%20PAYMENT%20METHOD: Is this new behavior from paymate and is there any suggestions on modifying this to work better with OSC so that the user understands their payment was declined? Right now this just spits you back to the payment confirmation screesn in OSC without any explanation.
  7. Hi, Maybe there is a contribution for this already or some way to handle this, but I haven't figured it out yet. Here's the scenario: A store has a fixed stock of widgets, gizmos, and gadgets. The store does not sell just one item each, but various sets, cases or other quantity configurations of these items. So the customer would see the following product choices via the osCommerce store: Products: Widget Set Contains 3 widgets Widget Case Contains 12 widgets Gizmo Set Contains 3 gizmos Gizmo Case Contains 12 gizmos Gadget Set Contains 3 Gadgets Widget, Gadget, Gizmo Combination Pack 2 Widget, 2 Gadget, 2 Gizmo Get the idea? Since I have a fixed stock level to make up the various product configurations we could run out of stock of one item and not be able to make the other combinations up (i.e. we sell out of Gadgets and can't make any more Combination packs). The other issue/feature that we actually need the most is to see where our stock / inventory levels are at (i.e. exactly how many widgets did we sell in the last month). The problem is that we might have 500 Gadgets in stock, but if we look in our store reports we have to manually calculate how many Sets, Cases and Combinations Packs have been sold to figure out how much stock has been consumed/available. We can't build 200 Cases and 200 Sets in advance because we don't know what people will order. So the Sets, Cases and Packs are made up as the orders come in. Anyone here having to deal with this problem and found a solution to manage it within/through osCommerce? Thank you!