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  1. Instead of completely removing the "Category" word, is there a way to show the name of the category you are currently viewing? For example, using my real categories... Let's say the breadcrumb trail is catalog-> scrapbooking-> tools -> Punches I would like the word Punches to show where the Categories word currently is.
  2. TheDean

    Sppc 4.5 Install Error

    I found the error. I was missing a bracket.
  3. TheDean

    "Movie details" contribution by ledave

    I hope there is still help for this contribution! First, this is the best added fields module I've seen across several different shopping carts. I am using this in a on-line craft store and have successfully been able to make cosmetic changes to the fields in this way: Changed Directors to Brands Changed Actors to Themes Changed Regional Code to Album Size Changed Language to Colors Changed Subtitle to Yarn Type Changed Length to UPC Code I am leaving the other fields open to change as I work with my different products. But for now, how difficult would it be to add the ability to search on each of the fields, except the Length/UPC Code field? It it isn't too hard to add, I would love some help in this area! Thanks in advance for your help! LM