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    I have added a PHPAdsNew infobox to the contributions. Once you install it you must replace the invocation code with your PHPAdsNew server's invocation code in order to properly display ads. If you have any questions, let me know. Greg.
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    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    Do you have any pop-up blockers running? That problem sounds like you are running one or more of the pop-up blockers out there, and as your problem is with the pop-up, it is likely being blocked (Almost everything today has a popup blocker in it, including toolbars, antivirus applications and even the latest browsers). :unsure:
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    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    Does anyone find this contrib works with non-US orders? I have tried entering a UPS tracking number for Canada, and I get the error: 151044 : No tracking information available The code may not be in the UPS system yet. Please try again later. This package was delivered a week ago, and if you go to the UPS site to track it, all the details are there. I have used the tracking numbers posted here to make sure the contrib is working, and it does work, but all the ones here are US deliveries. This has lead me to wonder if maybe there is a country code that needs to be set in the data sent to the UPS servers. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. And before you ask for it, the address for the site is http://www.silverdolphin.ca/store/ so you can verify my code is working. thanks. Greg
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    I should have included a link to the contribution. PHPAdsNew Infobox
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    Easy Populate Warning

    I have been having a heck of a time over the past three months trying to find out why every time I use EP with a certain client site, it creates duplicate records of many items. I finally cracked the problem and would like to warn other EP users. The problem is not actually with EP, rather the spreadsheet program (specifically Excel in this case, but likely applicable to other packages). For some unexplained reason, Excel strips the leading zeroes off of the model number, and will not return them when you set the field to text. Then when you save, it saves the new number (missing the leading zeroes) as the model, and EP interprets this as a new product (and of course you restore from a backup because the database is all screwed up now, and never realize why EP is doing this). So my recommendation is to make sure you do not use leading zeroes in a model number, or ensure that you use one non-numeric character in the model number (a text character gets around the dropping leading zeroes). Now the fun part is manually replacing all the ISBN numbers in the model number field with something else, to remove to ones with leading zeroes. ARGH! :angry:
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    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Like Gisele I spoke too soon. For everyone else: Around Line 570 in upsxml.php Replace: " <Code>". $this->customer_classification ."</Code>\n". with: " <Code>03</Code>\n". Use Code 01 if you are billing to a UPS account and have daily pickup Use Code 03 if you do not have a UPS account, or do not have daily pickup Use Code 04 if you are shipping from a retail outlet :D Now all I have to do is find the dang UPS image. Greg.
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    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    In reference to the error: 115582: Invalid Customer Classification Code Where in upsxml.php would I need to hardcode this, and what are the classification codes?