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  1. Hi, I have a problem with the totaling of amounts. My site is still in development but I have entered the following products: 1 x 200 Problem Solving Tips $1.40 1 x 9 Deadly Mistakes Online $0.00 1 x Beginners Guide to Golf $1.50 1 x Bringing Your Golf Scores To Life! $0.00 2 x 10,000 Dreams Interpreted $1.80 1 x 101 Steps to Better Health $0.00 1 x 10 Steps to Google Friendly Page $0.70 1 x 49 Photoshop Web Templates $1.40 1 x Joint Ventures Inside and Out $1.40 1 x Home Business Guide $1.40 1 x Amazing Web Tools $5.08 1 x Business Website icon Collection $6.60 1 x Geographical Clipart Collection $5.08 1 x Fast Selling Software Package $5.08 1 x Google Power Pack $4.98 1 x iProfit eBook Package $6.08 1 x Marketing Devil Power Pack $4.98 1 x Niche Products Power Package $4.98 1 x Java Script Pro $5.98 1 x iProfit Template Package $5.08 and this is how the total is displayed: Discount Coupon "Tyron turns 5 (Birthday)" applied (-$0.10): -$60.99 Tax not applied: -$0.00 Sub-Total: $2.53 Flat Rate (Best Way): $0.00 Total: $2.53 I have copied over the files but still get errors. I need help pls. Pls check out www.serradinho.com for example.
  2. Hi all, I'm new here on the forum but have been checking in from time to time. I'm looking for 2 pages which display all products according to manufacturers and the other according to categories. I've seen them on 2 sights but can't seem to find the contribution for it. examples of the pages are: 1. first page 2. second page I have checked and this site is currently down but should be up soon, I hope. I really need these pages for my site which I'm still busy developing and editing. If you have the pages, I would appreciate it if you could email it to me or give me the link to download it. Thanks George