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  1. Jobu

    fast easy checkout

    Hello, I would really like the features of this addon so I've downloaded the FEC 3.2 Quicker Install v4. But - I have to overwrite alot of files which I already have changes in cuz of other contribs... Are there anyway else to add this addon? Cause the readme file doesnt give much info... Please advise. Tnx in advance. /Jobu
  2. Super! Tnx for your quick response! Everything is smooooooth now :)
  3. Hah, damn - what a newb I am... Nopes it wasnt... Though it is duplicate - why so? Can I remove that??
  4. Hello there, I have installed the contribution. Exactly what I needed. And yesterday it worked. Today I fucked up with another contribution and reinstated som files - none of those which are affected by All Products as far as I know. The new products and the special links work as a charm, but the "Show all products" link is linking to allprods.php, but when clicking it just returns to the index.php... Why so? :S Really hope you can help me, as I have NO clue... I have tried reinstalling everything - though still the same...