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  1. Protx Form call-back errors after August updates

    I can confirm that those changes are correct and work. Sorry for very late reply - just spotted this :) Thanks
  2. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Ref. the reason for updating the module, the changes were made to incorporate 3D-Secure and Authenticate and Authorise. All options are switchable from admin i.e. no changes needed for the 3D-Secure options or payment type within the code itself. Thanks
  3. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Hi, Good point but I would have to make it a condition of sale up to the point that I break even on the development. After this I will make it available. To date I have one potential taker but then Protx are not quite ready at their end yet :(
  4. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Unfortunately I had to pay to have the development done and tested - once I've covered the cost, I'm more than happy to make it a contrib. However, as I'm currently a fair bit out of pocket, I'm keen to break even. Seems reasonable?
  5. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Hi, The updated module covering 3D-Secure and Authenticate and Authorise is now complete and tested to the Protx simulator. Protx will switch off "pre-auth" in August. Should you need the module at that time, please PM me. Thanks
  6. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Hi, The code will be tidied up to core oscommerce standards. I appreciate that the existing contribution does use the 2.22 protocol and (apparently) supports 3D-Secure - at least in part. I'm not sure that the international Maestro check is supported however. The update will support international Maestro plus all 3D-Secure and authenticate and authorise. The latter part is Protx's replacement for "preauth" which will be defunct in a couple of months time. Preauth is used by merchants who cannot guarantee to despatch and charge the card within a set number of days (I think 6?) which precludes the "deferred" payment option. You can read about this on the Protx news page. So in summary, the update will be cleanly coded, support all current 3D-Secure options and "authenticate and authorise" (plus the existing "deferred" etc options). Thanks Dave
  7. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Hi, I'm just about to have the contribution updated to cover 3D-Secure and support "authenticate and authorise". The code will also be cleaned up. I'm just looking to cover costs on this - so if anyone wants it when its done, I'd say $50 (or £25) will help towards it. Please post or pm if you are interested. Thanks Dave
  8. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    cheers - sorted now :)
  9. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Hi David, I've loaded the lastest module and all seems to be working except that the cart details are not passed to Protx i.e. it still shows "pay for My Store Name" at Protx. This is not critical but it would be nice to get it working correctly. Did you have any probs passing the cart details please? Looks like I may need to get my (dusty) coding hat on! cheers Dave
  10. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Thanks David - I'm hoping it should be straightforward; copy over the old module, input the encryption code, vendor etc and that should be it :sweating:
  11. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Thanks for the update - presumably you are using the 2.22 protocol (or later?) - I will need to update the payment module for several clients :( Which contrib. do you use please - I'll go with that as it seems to be working well for you. Authenticate and Authorise - I have a couple of clients who can't use the "deferred" option so we'll need to look at "authenticate and authorise" as soon as Protx get their finger out with the test area - we've been unable to scope it so far due to delays at Protx - ho hum. Thanks Dave
  12. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Sorry for late reply - kinda busy. I will dimension this over the coming weeks and post back when I know more. Hopefully the changes are indeed "trivial". cheers Dave
  13. PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    I'm also thinking that Protx Form will need to be modified - for 3D secure and possibly also because "pre-auth" transactions will not be supported. This is being replaced by something called "authenticate and authorise". A number of us will be affected no doubt. If necessary, I can have the module altered if people are willing to split costs - I'm still in contact with the author of the original contrib. Thanks Dave
  14. Hi, I just (a bit late) did the August security updates on a number of sites which seems to have caused a small problem with the call-back to site after the user "cancels" at Protx. Before the update, cancelling at Protx brought the user back to the appropriate place in the check-out from where they could try again. Now it just defaults to the index page. A completed order goes to the success page as expected. I've validated this across several stores (test and live protx servers). Anyone else seeing this please? Is it a session corruption issue? Not sure where to look at the moment. Thanks Dave
  15. NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, We have a client running an MS1 store (very limited mods) and despite searching through the contrib. notes and thread, I am struggling to see which version is best for an MS1 install (tax included in prices). This is for a live and succesful store so I'm very keen to get it right first time and not screw it up! Grateful for any advice on which version I should use please. Thanks for what looks like a great contrib. Many thanks Dave