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  1. Hello all, Got this up and running and did a test order just fine. Since providing the coupon code to a customer though, Ive seen some problems, don't know if they're related. 1) Customer's order had the correct discount applied, but the order invoice itemizes the order as follows: Sub-Total: $384.12 Discount Coupon "xyz" applied: -$576.18 Shipping: $0.00 Total: $384.12 Looks like the final total is fine, but what happened to the Original Subtotal? 2) I then set to "false" in the order total module: "Display subtotal with applied discount?" thinking that may be what was wrong with above. 3) I then tried to place a test order myself. I added items to my cart, entered the coupon code at checkout, received a message that shipping costs were being recalculated (fine) and was taken back to the payment type selection page. I was then in an neverending loop of the payment type selection page and the shipping recalculation notice page. I could not complete checkout. 4) I turned to "true" the "debug mode" setting in the order total module, hoping for some explanation. 5) Placed another test order, which did go through (no debugging output??), but this was how the final costs were calculated: 6 x 1/8" Eyelet Setters - BULK 019110 0% $19.00 $19.00 $114.00 $114.00 Sub-Total: $45.60 Discount Coupon "xyz" applied: -$68.40 No final total was listed, but the ultimate charge was for $0. Help please?? By the way, in case this is related, I have set my minimum order amount, for receiving the discount, to $100. I opted to do this so that the shipping charge recalculation wouldn't hurt me as badly. I also happen to have a "free shipping after $100" anyway. Could this be what's messing it all up? What I can't figure out is why that first customer got through checkout fine (albeit with a weird display of her subtotals and totals), but I couldn't in a test order. One difference was that her FINAL discounted total was still above $100 and my test order final amount was only $40something. That's why I'm guessing they may have something to do with each other.... Thank you :) Angela