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  1. SnapCracker

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi, Is there someone who could help me with activating the HSBC module that I have installed on the osCommerse template 12973. I have, I believe, installed it correctly as per instructions that came in the folder I downloaded from the contribution section. In the payment modules of the administration the HSBC module has been installed and in edit mode is inviting me to enter all the settings such as enable module on, client ID, Hash Key etc. However, when viewing the shop and going through the process of making a payment, the HSBC payment method is not present and if does not do anything when you hit continue, as well it might as nothing has been selected. What do you think I am doing wrong? The other thing that concerns me is that it's not asking me for capture or authorise, sometimes HSBC require the userID but this is not manditory.
  2. Hi, I have bought an osCommerse template for a e-shop site to run on my website. I am currently using RomanCart as my shopping cart to interface with HSBC card processing, PayPal etc. Is it possible to disable the cart system the on osCommerse shop, and interface with RomanCart to handle the customer details? At the moment, all RomanCart requires a simple form with method=post or all the product information piggybacked on the link to the RomanCart. I am familiar to php and with appropiate knowledge, would I be able to adapt the pages I have, or is there a simple setup option in the configuration or modules sections?